Will AI Replace Programmers Sooner Than We Think?

Will AI Replace Programmers Sooner Than We Think?

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The current state of AI in web development

AI-powered programs like ChatGPT have been making waves in the web development industry and beyond. These tools can produce useful and relevant content based on prompts submitted by the user.

For example, you might use them to generate images, articles, marketing plans, and even code snippets:

This has made coding more accessible to users without any programming experience. A WordPress site owner could ask ChatGPT for a piece of code to fulfill a function on their site or customize an element, like simply increasing space between paragraphs:

Asking ChatGPT for code to increase space between paragraphs.

The tool might even provide instructions on how to add the code to the site.

If you’re a professional programmer, ChatGPT can generate more complex content for you. For instance, you might ask for the code for creating a spam filter with blacklisted words:

ChatGPT providing code for a spam filter.

In most cases, the tool will give you the basic code for a function. Then, you can add your own parameters and values, and customize the code as you see fit.

AI tools like ChatGPT are even capable of identifying and fixing errors in code:

ChatGPT spotting errors in code

In the past, you might have spent hours trying to understand why a piece of code wasn’t working. You might even have used platforms like GitHub to search for code and get advice from other programmers.

However, ChatGPT can provide immediate results and help you troubleshoot any coding issues you might encounter.

In fact, a recent survey by GitHub found that 92 percent of US-based developers use AI tools in their line of work [1]. Additionally, 70 percent of developers believe that AI coding tools can help them produce better-quality code, complete projects in less time, and resolve issues more efficiently.

Can today’s AI replace programmers?

Seeing the programming capabilities of AI leads us back to our original question: will AI replace programmers?

Well, let’s look at some of the limitations of this technology.

Tools like ChatGPT are trained on large collections of data from sources like articles and web pages. As such, their output is limited to this knowledge. They can only generate content based on information that’s publicly available.

This means that AI is currently incapable of providing innovative solutions or “thinking outside the box.” Therefore, when it comes to creating unique programs or tailor-made projects, it’s likely impossible to rely solely on this technology.

A tool like ChatGPT can prepare the groundwork for a project. However, a professional programmer can take it to the next level with their “human” skills.

Additionally, AI is not always 100 percent accurate or reliable. After all, it is a coded program, built by other programmers and developers. Therefore, there’s always room for human error.

Of course, professional programmers can write bad code, too. However, a collaborative environment with quality control can help produce more accurate results.

AI cannot replicate the benefits of team collaboration in web development. Programmers from diverse backgrounds contribute their unique perspectives to a project. This paves the way for innovation and growth in the industry.

Another issue to consider is security. As you’re probably aware, malicious actors exploit vulnerabilities in code to gain access to a web application or program.

Relying solely on AI-produced code can be very risky. A test performed on GitHub Copilot (an AI code generator) found that 40 percent of programs produced with the tool contained vulnerabilities [2].

This doesn’t mean that human-built programs do not contain vulnerabilities. However, in a professional environment, code is thoroughly tested and inspected, and any known security loopholes are instantly patched.

Will AI replace programmers in the future?

As we have seen, AI can be a powerful tool in the world of programming. This technology is constantly evolving and learning new data, leading many to ask: will AI replace programmers in the future?

However, certain skills, like creative thinking and problem-solving, are likely irreplaceable. This means that programmers will still have a lot to contribute in the future, even as AI code generators continue to evolve and become more popular.

In fact, AI could enable programmers to automate mundane tasks and focus on more important aspects of a project. This will also allow you to dedicate more time to developing your skills.

Additionally, AI will likely become more effective in bug detection and troubleshooting. It can improve the quality control process, eliminating minor issues and implementing fixes before the code is reviewed by human testers.

Rather than replacing programmers, AI will probably transform into an essential tool or “assistant” for web development professionals. Its usage will help streamline projects and produce faster results, which can lead to more significant growth and improvements in the industry.

Conclusion 🧐

“Will AI replace programmers?” is a common question in software and web development. Content generators, like ChatGPT, are able to produce code snippets and detect errors in existing code, among other capabilities.

However, AI is unlikely to replace human skills like creative thinking and offer the same advantages as collaborative environments. Instead, it will enable programmers to automate mundane or repetitive tasks and spend more time developing innovative solutions.

Do you have any thoughts or questions about the impact of AI on programmers? Let us know in the comments section below!

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