Amazing Weekly Web Dev LinkCollection, August 21 Edition

Amazing Weekly Web Dev Link-Collection, August 21 Edition • WPShout

Over on her blog at Lireo Designs, Deborah Edwards-Onoro has been collecting an amazing array of great content about web design and development for while. And I had no earthly idea. It was only when I randomly noticed that she’d been sharing some great links on Twitter that Deborah let me know there was a whole lot more where that came from.

It really do the posts Deborah puts together there a disservice to try to summarize her great summary. So I’ll just share one of the bits of color I appreciated in her post this week:

But please click through for more great content on HTML, WordPress, Accessibility and more.

And BTW, if you’re still into RSS, you might want to know that will get you JUST the weekly link collections. Obviously Deborah’s publishing other great content too, but the old “add /feed to a WordPress URL” trick is just so under-known that I want to highlight it for other dinosaurs (and hopefully some yunguns too) who use RSS feeds to follow cool websites.

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This article was written by David Hayes and originally published on WPShout.

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