AWS Web Hosting: A Review for WordPress Users

AWS Web Hosting: A Review for WordPress Users

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the foundations of the modern web. AWS hosting is the biggest player in the cloud hosting arena, with over 33 percent of the market. Its closest competitor is Google Cloud, which boasts a 21 percent market share. However, to understand why AWS hosting is so popular, you’ll need to know how it works.

This article will talk about AWS and what makes it different. We’ll discuss uptime, customization options, performance, support, and more. Let’s get right to it!

What Is AWS Hosting?

AWS is Amazon’s cloud hosting service. What started as side business for Amazon has grown to a massive platform powering some of the biggest services on the web, including Netflix and Facebook (and itself):

Navigating AWS offerings can be confusing if you’re new to cloud hosting. The platform offers a massive range of products.

However, these are the options that you’ll want to look at for launching a website:

  1. Lightsail: This product lets you launch Virtual Private Servers (VPS) with pre-configured development stacks and pre-installed applications.
  2. EC2: This is Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service. It offers 500 unique instances of cloud servers, enabling you to choose from multiple processors, networking, storage, and OS options.
  3. Amplify: This service offers tools to develop full-stack mobile and web applications on AWS.
  4. S3: Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3) offers cheap and scalable cloud storage for any files you want to back up to the cloud.

If you look at the AWS Products page, you’ll find the platform offers several other solutions, ranging from managed database services to data processing and machine learning tools. We’ll focus on the core AWS hosting services for this review, particularly Lightsail.

Like Google Cloud, many hosting services build on top of AWS. Cloudways, for example, enables you to launch WordPress websites on AWS servers:

Using Cloudways with AWS

The main advantages of using AWS hosting are price and scalability. The AWS infrastructure can enable you to scale your website, and most WordPress hosting (even managed options) usually can’t compete.

Moreover, you get complete flexibility over which resources you want to use. Therefore, AWS can be much cheaper for small websites than other hosting options while delivering nearly unmatched performance.

What Makes AWS Hosting Different?

If you’ve only used “regular” hosting before, AWS can seem intimidating. This section will explore what makes this hosting service unique and why you might consider using it for WordPress.




This article was written by Will Morris and originally published on Elegant Themes Blog.

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