How To Backup your WordPress site with BackupBuddy

How To Backup your WordPress site with BackupBuddy

Having a proper backup of your website is very crucial. Almost everyone knows that they should back up their websites and how crucial it is to regularly backup your website as it protects you from hacks, attacks, crashes, and even hosting failures. But how many of those actually do it?

With more than tens and thousands of customers, BackupBuddy is an allrounder solution for your data backup needs. You can use this tool to backup, restore, or migrate easily without any technical help. You can backup your data to your server, Amazon S3, direct FTP accounts, or just send backups via email. Moreover, you can use the backups to quickly restore your website to any point. No matter if you are a developer or the end-user, BackupBuddy will help you backup and restore your data in an event of data loss. The product is made with the goal of keeping the backups, restoration, and migration process fast, easy, and, reliable.

Manually backing up your website daily without missing a day is not an easy task, and with the options available today, it is not advised as well. If you are not using an automated tool, I doubt if you are actually backing up your website. With the options available today, it is wise to leave the backing up process to automation as there will be no room for error that way.

In this guide, we will see how to setup BackupBuddy for daily backups. First, make sure you have a licensed copy of the BackupBuddy plugin. You can get it here.

Let’s start by setting up the plugin.

Install the BackupBuddy Plugin

Once you have made the purchase and have the plugin with you, you can install it on the website you want to create backups for.

Log in to your WordPress Admin Dashboard and then go to Plugins > Add New. Now upload the plugin’s zip file and install the plugin. Once the installation is done successfully, go ahead, and activate the plugin.

BackupBuddy add plugin

Activating the BackupBuddy plugin

Once you click on the activate button, you will be redirected to the plugins page. Look for the BackupBuddy option in the left panel. Once you click on the option, you will see the Quick setup wizard.

BackupBuddy setup wizard



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