Benefits of Online WordPress Conferences + Join WP FeedBack Summit!

Benefits of Online WordPress Conferences + Join WP FeedBack Summit!

Since most of the in-person events of this year won’t be happening and the summer calendar is suddenly empty, attending online WordPress conferences is a good alternative for getting your dose of social interaction with the WordPress community.

Is taking part in an online WordPress event worth the time? In this post, we will try to help you make the right decision about investing in a virtual event and learn about its advantages.

Then, we’ll share some upcoming events that you can join.

So here’s our take on why participating in an online conference might turn out to be helpful to you.

Why you should participate in online WordPress conferences

It’s good for branding

After sponsoring and helping many offline WordCamps and meetups, local and global, we wanted to join the initiative of supporting virtual conferences. We took this first step by partnering with the upcoming WP FeedBack Summit, a free event for businesses and freelancers with various backgrounds.

How is that beneficial to your brand? By partnering, the organizers will promote your business and your website will be exposed to thousands of people from around the world, as is the case of any event of international proportions.

Even as an attendee, you have the chance to meet and introduce yourself to potential employers. Lots of people seeking professional help usually attend these kinds of events.

It’s good for learning

When you sign up for an online meeting, you have the chance to learn from experts in your area of interest from the comfort of your couch or even remotely, from a place of your choice. What’s more, many of these events are free, so you get to find out new insights without spending a dime.

If you’re one of those guys who usually go to conferences for the presentations and not necessarily for socializing, then a virtual event seems like a perfect match for you.

You give back to the community

You don’t have to be a sponsor, a media partner, a volunteer, or an organizer to help the community. Just by attending, you promote an event that can be useful to many individuals on many levels. If you enjoy it, you can recommend it to your friends or to other WordPress people you know.

Attending an online event will increase awareness toward such initiatives and will help it get acknowledged within the community and beyond.

It’s a win-win. Your presence contributes to keeping the conference spirit alive in the virtual environment and you, personally, leave with a richer knowledge for your professional endeavors.

You chat and make friends

You might think that connecting with people and chatting is not as fun when done online as it is when you actually meet someone in the flesh. It’s true to some extent. But it’s still possible.

Signing up to a virtual event will come with great opportunities to eye potential partnerships with people



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