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Here we bring you a hand-picked collection of remarkable and easy-to-use free envelope mockups. These are all in PSD and super effortless to edit and customize. Only the pure basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop is necessary and you can already start creating top-notch designs and presentations which you can employ for all sorts of intentions.

Although sending letters by traditional mail is not that common in this day age, receiving them is always exciting. For the most part, only bills and commercials come by mail, that said, when someone sends us mail, it always makes us rush opening it. “I wonder who took the time to write me a letter?”

As a designer, looking to spice up the overall presentation of your creation, use any of the envelope mockups below and make a difference. Also, you can now create a personal collection of the best templates, which help you keep your workflow at the highest degree all the time.

With all that being said, find the right layouts for your needs and requirements and go from there. If you already have the graphics, the logo, or any other artwork ready to go, you can have the outcome finalized at full tilt.

Best PSD Envelope Mockups

Mockup of a horizontal Envelope

A pretty basic envelope mockup that guarantees a professional outcome in little to no time. Without really needing to undergo a ton of work, this mockup allows you to create a life-like presentation swiftly. After all, if you have the design ready, just head over to Placeit, insert it and you are good to go. Of course, you can also change the color of the envelope and card, as well as the background. By the way, you can also go slightly against the grain and use the card to display the front design of the envelope. Moreover, if you are looking to append some text to it and a graphic, you can do that, too.

Mockup of an Envelope Viewed From Both Sides

mockup of an envelope viewed from both sides

It is always a wise move to use a mockup when coming up with a design for an envelope, or just about anything else. This way, you can have a better understanding of how the actual product could look with your design on it. Thankfully, we have a broad selection of goodies here that you can take to your total advantage. Here is a horizontal envelope that offers you to put on display the front and the back design. On each side, you can also enrich with a custom color, making it follow your branding directions precisely. The outcome is just a few clicks away, readily available to share with your client or your customers.

Card Mockup Featuring an Envelope and Holiday Decorations

20+ Best Free Envelope Mockups In PSD 2021 - Colorlib 1



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