7 Best Free WordPress Courses for All Levels (Updated for )

7 Best Free WordPress Courses for All Levels (Updated for 2022)

WordPress can be challenging when you first get started. Therefore, you might be looking for educational material to help you master new skills. However, with so many options available, it can be tricky to choose the best free WordPress courses for your needs.

Fortunately, you can find various WordPress-based courses that won’t charge you a cent to learn. You can take advantage of free trials on e-learning platforms or explore introductory courses that help you ease in to new topic areas.

?‍? In this guide, we’ll explore seven of the best free WordPress courses for various levels and niches including the best options for the following categories:

Let’s get started!

If you’re looking for comprehensive free WordPress courses that start with the fundamentals and progress to intermediate skills, consider enrolling in Learn WordPress step by step. This full curriculum features more than eight hours of content and spans topics including:

WordPress Academy approaches this free WordPress course by breaking it into sub-topics and walking students through mini-projects. You’ll learn practical skills and how to apply them, while also being exposed to general advice and tips for using WordPress.

Students enjoy this course because of its clear instructions, helpful information, and practical projects. It’s also a beginner-friendly option since it assumes no base knowledge of WordPress.

Some of the more complex topics, such as PHP and WordPress development, will require some intermediate-level skills to complete. However, you can refer to the course’s troubleshooting forum if you run into any issues along the way.

You can access a one-month free trial with Skillshare. This means you can access the course for free as long as you complete all modules within 30 days. After the trial period ends, membership fees depend on your region.

Become a junior WordPress developer with LinkedIn learning.

WordPress development can be a lucrative career path. The average WordPress developer makes more than $58,000 per year in the United States [1]. Furthermore, if you develop and sell premium themes or plugins, you could create your own thriving business with these skills.

Fortunately, WordPress development doesn’t have to be tricky to learn. By offering you a strong foundation, Become a Junior WordPress Developer can help you gain a good grip on the basics of developing for WordPress.

This learning path comprises 12 individual courses



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