The Best Google Shopping WordPress Plugins

The Best Google Shopping WordPress Plugins

Google Shopping ads offer great opportunities to gain more leads and conversions for your products. And to be able to display your products on Google Shopping ads, you need to generate and upload a product feed in a specified format to Google Merchant Center.

For large stores, generating a feed manually from large volumes of data is not a practical option. So in such cases, it is important to find a tool that will assist you in generating product feeds. If you have an online store running on WordPress WooCommerce, you can consider some of the below plugins to generate and upload product feeds conveniently.

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1. ELEX WooCommerce Google Shopping Plugin

This plugin will help you generate a product feed from your WooCommerce store in multiple file formats such as CSV, TSV and XML. The feed that you generate will be specific to your store’s base country requirements. It will also help you regularly update the feed you have uploaded on Google Merchant Center based on specific schedules. And there is no limit to the number of product feeds that you can generate using this plugin. Moreover, the plugin offers unmatched mapping capabilities to map your product categories and attributes with Google’s categories and attributes. Overall, the plugin has an intuitive interface and advanced features, which include:

  • Create location-specific Google shopping feeds that can be uploaded to your Google Merchant Center account.
  • Generate unlimited product feeds in multiple file formats such as CSV, TSV and XML.
  • Supports all product types of WooCommerce including variable products.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Advanced mapping option for categories and attributes.
  • Create custom attribute fields.
  • Manage multiple fields effortlessly from the user friendly dashboard.
  • Reliable support team and frequent feature updates.

2. Clever eCommerce for Google Ads & Google Shopping

Clever eCommerce for Google Ads & Google Shopping

Whether you’re not sure how to get started with Google Shopping, or just pressed for time, this is the plugin for you. The Clever eCommerce Google Ads WooCommerce Extension connects to your WooCommerce store, uploads your products to the Google Merchant Center and then creates your Google Shopping campaigns – all automatically, without you have to do much more than click a few options. Once your store is synced, Clever eCommerce will handle account optimization, search and display ad creation, keyword bidding, remarketing and more. Its a great way to market your store, especially since you can use Clever eCommerce for regular as well as seasonal campaigns. The plugin is fast



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