Best keyword clustering tools in (Our test and conclusions)

Best keyword clustering tools in 2022 (Our test and conclusions)

Keyword clustering tools are among the hottest software offerings in SEO, and in this article, we’ll be delving into seven of the most talked-about keyword clustering tools to see which ones would work best with your team or project.

For each review, where possible, we used the same set of 1,000 keywords from Ahrefs on the topic of “Vinyl Records” using UK search volume.

What is keyword clustering?

Keyword clustering is the practice of organizing and grouping similar keywords into clusters during the keyword research phase of planning a website or content hub.

Clustering keywords not only takes time and resources but also requires a good level of experience and knowledge in keyword research and SEO in general. 

For this reason, several keyword clustering tools have gone to market to automate the complex and intricate process of keyword clustering. While manual clustering is a process undertaken by many, automated clustering is viewed as the most accurate option.

What are the advantages of keyword clustering?

There are many benefits to both automated and manual keyword clustering, including:

  • Reduced risk of cannibalization, where multiple pages rank for the same terms.
  • The ability to create a solid content architecture or plan that allows for easy navigation by both users and crawlers.
  • The creation of a long-term plan for content creation and production, allowing teams to benefit from an organized and transparent roadmap.
  • Increased chances of being featured within Feature Snippets through improved understanding of what other articles rank for and how.
  • Outplanning competitors by creating broad and comprehensive content structures for both supporting and commercial content.
  • The opportunity to discover new topics that will add to your site’s authority and performance within the SERPs.
  • The ability to examine current performance to see where live pages can be optimized and improved instead of creating new content.

Over the past five years, many keyword clustering tools have come to market. Found in all shapes and sizes, some tools are offered as features of broader keyword research packages, while others exist as standalone tools.

While capabilities and resources between tools vary, so do their prices. While some tools can cost upwards of thousands of dollars per month for enterprise organizations, others are available totally free of charge. Bear in mind, however, that free clustering tools only offer basic functionalities and analysis, and even then, they do so to differing levels of accuracy and usefulness.

Some of the major keyword clustering tools, some of which we shall review today, include:

  • Keyword Insights
  • Cluster AI
  • Keyword Cupid
  • Cluster Army
  • SE’s Keyword Grouper
  • SEO Scout’s Keyword Grouping + Clustering Tool
  • Serpstat’s



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