How to Manage Multiple WordPress Sites From One Dashboard With MainWP

How to Manage Multiple WordPress Sites From One Dashboard With MainWP

Are you a website developer who manages multiple clients’ WordPress sites at once? Or do you have your own number of WordPress sites to keep track of and struggle to do so?

If so, then you’re looking for a simple solution that allows you to monitor and maintain each of these sites from one location. That’s where website management tools come into play, and nowadays we can find a number of them being offered in the WordPress world.

They offer a simplified solution to the problem of having to log in to every single WordPress site you manage in order to update plugins or themes, publish posts, edit pages, back up, and more. I recently reviewed one website management service that introduced me to this type of tool, and I was more than impressed.

Therefore, I was excited when I got asked to review MainWP, a much-loved website management tool that uses a different approach.

How Does MainWP Differ from Other, Similar Tools?

Well, MainWP is a self-hosted open-source manager for maintaining your WordPress sites from one location. So, rather than having the management of your sites in the hands of someone else, you will have everything under your control via a fresh WordPress install on your own preferred host, given that it complies with MainWP’s system requirements. If you’re not sure which host is best, there are a few compatibility issues you’d want to take into account.

The developers behind MainWP believe in this approach, as well as everything that MainWP offers, so much so that they even created comparisons with every other major website management tools out there, comparing everything from pricing to features. You can take a look at their comparison with ManageWP, to begin with. To learn more about it you can also watch their presentation video below.

What Features Does MainWP Offer?

The list of features within MainWP is a long one, but can be split into seven main categories:

  • Manage
  • Monitor
  • Upgrades
  • Backup
  • Publish
  • Clones
  • Privacy

Each one of these categories can be further split into a number of different functions that MainWP offers, so let’s take a quick look at what these are.

Firstly, the management of all your sites is made easy through the use of one main dashboard from which you can easily review which sites require any updating. There’s even the added functionality of updating the same plugin or theme across multiple sites with just one click.

Why choose MainWP sites manager?

Another one-click feature is



This article was written by Mark Zahra and originally published on WP Mayor.

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