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Top 22 Mobile App Development Companies 2022 - WPArena

Mobile development has now become a synonym for mobile application and website development. A company that is involved in web development must necessarily provide mobile services as well in order to survive in this competitive market. Today, we are going to talk about the top mobile app development companies of the year. Let’s get started.

Before moving ahead, we have also collected a list of top web designing companies and top SEO agencies in the world.

Mobile app development refers to the process of developing a mobile application to be used on a mobile device, such as smartphones, personal and enterprise digital assistants, tablets, etc. The development process involves writing software code, designing the interface, developing graphics and features, and testing.

A mobile development company is a firm with the resources and people to develop any kind of mobile application for any purpose in a range of industries. It provides services to other companies and individuals, for a fee. India is the second-largest country in the world in terms of the number of mobile app developers and companies. If you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective way to get your mobile application developed, you should definitely outsource the work to a mobile app development company in India. Here’s the list of the top mobile app companies to help you make the right choice.

List of Leading Mobile App Development Companies 2022

Location: UK, USA & Pakistan

No. of Employees: 50 – 249

Cost: $100 – $149 / hr

About: Founded in 2017, TechAbout is an ERP, web, and digital app development technology software firm that provides services all across the world. They specialize in designing & building consumer-oriented post-PC software, web apps, SAAS, and mobile apps.

Location: India

No. of Employees: 200+

About: SAG IPL is a leading mobile app development firm based in Jaipur, India. With over 150 live applications on Android and iOS app stores and a team of 100+ top-class app designers and developers, they happen to be one of the top mobile app development companies in India.

Location: Chennai, India

About: Founded in 2012, Smarther provides web & mobile development services to clients in over 30 countries. The mobile development services are primarily focused on Android & iOS development, gaming, and similar apps.

Location: New York, USA

No. of Employees: 50 – 249

Cost: $150 – $199 / hr

About: An award-winning mobile design & development company, Fueled specializes in creating Android & iPhone apps for enterprises and startups alike.

Location: India, USA, UK

No. of Employees: 50 – 249




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