Which Are the Best Social Video Making Tools? Create Stylish Videos With Ease

Which Are the Best Social Video Making Tools? Create Stylish Videos With Ease - WP Pluginsify

Social media are visual platforms, and they describe them in two words. Pictures, posts, text, and emojis are all great ways of visually, but to captivate your audience’s attention, these days there is no better way than video.

With more content in high quality, you would like to have short, light, and sharable video content, so you can show everything you need in one go, so let’s see the best tools for it.

1.  Pictory

Pictory is an exclusive AppSumo product for Social network videos. You can create a short video with its AI in a couple of minutes.

If you have long-form content and want to get your audience’s attention, transform it with Pictory. It will enable you to make it short and sharable on Social media.

With this tool, you can extract video highlights and add captions, logos, and music that describe your brand. It is excellent for improving visibility and engagement and converting long-form in one summary video.

Getting excellent quality content while doing it is one easy task. You upload your video, and Pictory will edit it with AI. Also, with Pictory AI, you scan a long video and “extract” the crucial moments. Then you select the text you would like to keep since it will transcribe all speech from the original video.

Many videos on social media you can watch with the tone set on mute. So with Pictory, you can automatically add captions or subtitles. Also, you will be able to burn them into video or download them in text, STR, or VTT files. You can make videos in more than 20 languages, and it is exceptional for sharing them all around the world.

2. Biteable


Biteable is a free video maker with templates, and you can easily make a video. It offers stock footage, animation, and photos.

It is one of the basic tools out there, but it works on the principle of “Add-Edit-Export.” You can make animation, fun videos with colors that match your site or brand style.

With its templates, which are easy to customize, you don’t need any experience making videos. You can create any kind with premade templates for Facebook, Instagram, Marketing, Promo, Trailer, and YouTube. Also, all of those have subcategories on offer.

Even if you customize them to some extent, the only problem is that they template them so that many other people can and will use them.

Since it is a free version, it is ok, and they offer two paid plans, Plus $19/month and a new one Ultimate $49/month.

3. Animoto


Animoto is also one easy drag-and-drop video maker so that you can create videos without any experience.

You can add photos and videos with this tool. But



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