Best WordPress Event Plugins for Better Event Management in –

Best WordPress Event Plugins for Better Event Management in 2022

One of the greatest efforts an everyday user of the internet has to make is event organization. Finding and organizing events can be an incredible hassle that spans multiple platform tools, not to mention the human aspect. If you’re organizing a niche event on your website, it may be easier than a public event to which everyone should have access.

But that also means you’re limiting the reach of your event. Therefore if you want to quickly and easily create and manage events, your best option is to use event management plugins.

This way, you can directly organize events on your WordPress website instead of using proxy apps or social media. And to make your life easier, this article compiled the best WordPress event plugins for better event management in 2022.

1. Eventin

The premier of the event management plugins is by far Eventin. It holds all the cards regarding event creation and management on WordPress websites. You can create and host virtual events over Zoom with seamless integration, and Eventin even allows for integrations with various other event-related apps.

For example, Eventin can integrate with Google calendar, so you can promptly advertise and notify your customer about an upcoming event. You can create dedicated website pages for events as this plugin has a drag-and-drop builder. And if you need to create exclusive events, Eventin has a feature with which every attendee has a unique id. This means you won’t have any stragglers stumbling into your events, and you’ll have a fully detailed list of participants.

From there, you’ll be able to analyze your core demographic to improve events further. There’s a standard feature to maintain recurring events that fit perfectly with new websites promoting educational courses. All in all, whatever feature you may require for your events, Eventin has you covered.

2. WP Event Manager

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As event management can often be a secondary function of a website, web developers need event management plugins that don’t take up a lot of room for other plugins. That’s why the lightweight WP Event Manager can be perfect for users that only need event schedules as a passing thought rather than a robust system.

WP Event Manager can be scaled according to event complexity for newcomers and veterans while maintaining its easy-to-use nature. Creating event listing, personalizing events, and displaying future events has never been simpler than with WP Event Manager.

3. The Events Calendar

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If you’re running both an online business and a physical one synchronizing them can be a nightmare. But with The Events



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