The Best WordPress Maintenance Mode Plugins

The Best WordPress Maintenance Mode Plugins

Perhaps the thought of rebuilding or performing regular service on your website has you putting it off. You might think that maintaining your website means your site will be offline for a while, which can cause you to miss out on valuable leads. Sometimes we hear that users feel like maintenance is too technical. None of these statements are true when you use a WordPress Maintenance Mode Plugin. In fact, not upgrading or servicing your site as needed can cause visitors to have a negative user experience, which can also cost you valuable leads, as well as your SEO ranking.

However, rather than just risking your visitors encountering a glitchy site or simply being too worried to do it yourself, you can use a WordPress Maintenance Mode plugin to keep your site up to date.

How WordPress Maintenance Plugins Work

WordPress Maintenance plugins prevent certain visitors’ from entering your site and instead displays a maintenance mode page alerting them that the site is under construction, so they know to come back later. Many plugins also display actions to take to reach you during this time, such as send an email, etc. This allows your site to stay online, and your visitors to understand what’s going on, which helps ensure they continue to enjoy a friendly user experience.

WordPress Maintenance plugins are also simple to implement, which means you don’t have to be proficient in web code to benefit from the feature. Instead, you simply use the built-in feature to set your maintenance mode. They automatically go into effect while the site is under construction and then disables once the maintenance is complete.

Many plugins also enable you to customize your maintenance page, including the background, theme color, text color, headings, and more, so your visitors still enjoy a great looking page while your site is offline. Various programs also offer both free and premium features for greater customization of your page.

Some of the best or most popular WordPress Maintenance plugins are detailed below.

Best Basic WordPress Maintenance Plugins With Social Media Icons

Allowing your visitors to still be able to connect with you via your social media page during your site maintenance is a great way to spread the word about the launch of your new site or to simply ensure visitors continue to interact with your business. All of the following WordPress maintenance plugins enable social connections as part of their features.

Coming Soon Landing Page and Maintenance Mode WordPress Plugin

The Coming Soon Landing Page and Maintenance Mode WordPress Plugin is another great Maintenance Mode page for directing visitors to your social media page, which helps ensure your visitors stay in the know concerning your page and the exciting updates to expect.

It also allows



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