Blogging Tools – 10 Basic Essentials –

Blogging Tools - 10 Basic Essentials

Have you been thinking about blogging for a long time, as well as what would you write about and what content would be present on your blog? Depending on what level you intend to reach in blogging, you should also consider the amount and depth of research you have done. If you have decided that it is just a hobby and a passion for your pleasure, then it should have been a pleasant experience that will ignite memories of why you were attracted to that chosen interest in the first place.

If you still want blogging to bring you income, we will not lie to you, the journey will be difficult and long, but it is not impossible. Either way, below are the top 10 tips and everything you need to get off to a successful start and maintain your blogging world.

1. Get yourself a proper PC / laptop

It doesn’t need to be the latest, the fastest, the biggest, or a status symbol for bragging rights. You are just starting on this journey and we are talking the basics so it just needs to be functional and suitable for all your blogging needs. It would be ideal if you wouldn’t share it with others. That part of technology needs to be available for you at any time and for that reason, you should only keep it for yourself. So, choose your blogging buddy and emerge yourself into that world.

2. Good Internet connection

Ideally wireless, as it gives you the freedom to move around seeking writing inspiration is our advice number two. Besides that, this type of internet connection should also be reliable and if there are any restrictions regarding download/upload limits check with your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Inspect what additional charges there would be if you went over your limits and how it would be to upgrade to the next level or unlimited.

If you however want a wired internet connection, go for it, perhaps your ideal place for creativity is your carefully managed home office, room, garden, or balcony.

3. Creativity area

Probably couldn’t be called a tool in the literal sense, but in some way, it can be a very important element (if not one of the most important). Firstly, it will be a space to keep all your other tools of the trade-in in one place. Secondly, you can pin up reminders, inspirational quotes, guides, and maybe even some blogging guides. It needs to be your space dedicated to blogging. You shouldn’t run around the house trying to collect and find what you need and waste valuable time before you have even started when you can have it all in one place and always available.

4. Software

You probably wonder why software is present on our list of advice for you since it comes as a part of the computer. But, we should ask ourselves is the present software configured for our blogging needs? Long story short, you will need a basic photo editing software package, (a free one will do, for the beginning), also maybe your camera had one in the box! Check that out also. Besides that, software needs to contain anti Virus software, up-to-date versions of Java &



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