Boost Your Link Building and Marketing With Hicopy

Boost Your Link Building and Marketing When Users Copy Your Content - Hicopy

If you’re someone who writes a lot of amazing content, then you know the amount of work that goes into it can be very rewarding. We spend hours, sometimes days writing one article. The bad side, well, we occasionally find that same article copied on another site with massive monetization.

To top it off, they’re stealing all that juicy traffic, reaping the rewards, yet you did all the heavy lifting—time to fight back.

We’re not going to talk about blog republishing, stealing, scraping, etc. in this article. This article is about a new WordPress tool that can play a part against copiers, and help us adapt and overcome specific pain points that come with the everyday challenges with our content being taken.

I want to talk about how a little plugin can play a big part in your copyright protection, link building, and marketing, and more. Let me introduce you to; Hicopy.

Everyone Copies & Pastes

Some people will swear by it; some rarely use the commands. Copying saves time, a lot of it. It has become fundamental to how we use computers and even smartphones today. It was created by the late Larry Tesler, who recently passed away at the age of 74 this past February.

How Hicopy Was Created By A Glitchy Keyboard

A little backstory with an ironic epiphany. One day I opened messenger and saw a buddy of mine was ranting in a group chat about how this one blog “stole his entire article.” Long story short, he wrote an article, five days later he found his article stolen and being used on an ad-heavy blog, we’re talking almost 98% of it was being used.

The difference between his article and the stolen article was that the stolen article was littered with ads, and had over 50 more comment replies than my buddies article, with tons of engagement on Facebook and Twitter as well. He was livid.

A few hours later, I was enjoying some light reading online, and I wanted to copy something I read. I went to copy a quote from one of my favorite philosophers, Seneca. When I went to paste the quote, my glitchy keyboard (I have a new one now) accidentally pasted the content twice.

The Epiphany. With my buddy’s story still fresh in my mind, the 1st thing that came to mind was, did this website attach a message to what I’m copying? No. But, as someone who comes from a web background, the land of possibilities to create a message to show when someone copies content had to be investigated. I asked my blog buddies in messenger one question;

“If there was a way for you to leave a message for anyone copying your content, would you find it beneficial for your blogs?”

The answers were all a resounding yes, as everyone found the idea a must-have if it was possible. After a few weeks of researching, trial, and error, I created Hicopy.

What Is Hicopy?




This article was written by Mark Howland and originally published on WP Pluginsify.

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