Breeze 2.0 is Out! Enjoy the Interactive & Engaging Interface

Breeze 2.0 is Out! Enjoy the Interactive & Engaging Interface

Breeze 2.0 is out and it mainly focuses on user experience and intuitive design. Since the beginning, our team has been receiving numerous queries around Breeze’s layout and design.

Many users were unable to play around with the Breeze cache settings due to the complex interface. Keeping that into consideration, we have changed the Breeze dashboard design and created a more interactive one, that will let users easily understand and tinker around the Breeze settings.

This time around, we have not only worked around the interface but also have simplified the settings and divided the setting options into the right sections.

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Breeze 2.0 With Better User Interface and Design

Unlike the old version, you can easily find and configure the settings with the upgraded, user-friendly dashboard. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at Breeze v2.0.

Comparison Table: Breeze 2.0 vs Previous Version

In the previous version, we had sections on the top of the Breeze dashboard, whereas now, we have moved it to the right side to make it more appealing and engaging for our customers.

Basic Options

The Basic Options section now looks more attractive and you can easily notice a major change in the design. We have replaced the checklist setting options with the toggle, so you can easily disable and enable the respective setting features.

Breeze Basic Options

There are a total of seven setting options, where the Lazy Load Images option is moved from the Advanced Options to the Basic Options Section.

File Optimization

V2.0 has a new section, “File Optimization,” that consists of HTML, CSS, and JS settings including minify, combine (group files), include, exclude, and more. In the previous version, these setting options were haphazardly assigned in different sections. Keeping user experience in mind, we have arranged and compiled all the HTML, CSS, and JS related configurations in the File Optimization section.

Breeze file Optimization


Another new section “Preload” is introduced to v2.0. (Preload



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