CarrdLike Theme Experiment Provides a Glimpse Into the Future of Theming

Carrd-Like Theme Experiment Provides a Glimpse Into the Future of Theming
Carrd-like theme front page template.

It is no secret that I think the future of theming with WordPress is bright, that the Gutenberg project will eventually pay off. As a former full-time theme developer, I lived through the years where there were no standards for how to build certain features. It was much like the Wild West. There were vast, unexplored territories. Each themer was setting off to find gold with the latest tricks and techniques they had learned.

One of the reasons I remain a fanboy of the Gutenberg project is because of experiments like the Two Column Landing Page theme (yes, that’s literally the theme name) that Kjell Reigstad put together in less than an hour. It is a Carrd-like layout. It is a simple one-page theme that is essentially an “about me” page. Under the hood, it required no custom framework or non-standard options. It simply utilized existing tools from WordPress and Gutenberg.

Two Column Landing Page is an unfinished product. Technically, it is a pull request that has yet to be officially merged into the WordPress theme experiments repository. Automattic Theme Wrangler Ian Stewart passed a Carrd demo link along, and Reigstad pieced together a block-based version for WordPress.

The theme was easy to customize via the site editor, which continually improves with each release of Gutenberg (9.2 had some nice improvements with its template switcher).

Customized version of the Carrd-like theme front page template.



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