A Forminator Quiz Is the Answer to Collecting Emails and Generating Leads

A Forminator Quiz Is the Answer to Collecting Emails and Generating Leads

Collecting leads has never been as much fun! Thanks to our free 5-star plugin, Forminator, you can now create engaging quizzes and capture emails simultaneously.

Plus, you can easily manage your leads, integrate the emails with a 3rd party app (like Mailchimp, Aweber, etc.), automatically run submission reports, and more!

Quizzes are highly engaging, can offer personalized feedback, are interactive, and entertaining. Combine all of these elements with Forminator –the best form builder for WordPress– and you have a powerful and creative way to generate leads in just a few simple steps.

In this article, we’ll be going over how to:

  1. Set Up a Quiz in Forminator to Gather Leads
  2. Customize the Lead Generation Form to Your Specifications
  3. Adjust the Quiz Module Editor
  4. Set Up Email Notifications and Integrations
  5. Implement Quizzes on Your WordPress Site
  6. Easily View Submissions

You’ll have your lead generating quiz up quickly and added to your WordPress site in no time.


I think that’s the best answer, too.

1. Set Up a Quiz in Forminator to Gather Leads

It takes only a switch of a button to get the lead generator feature on your next quiz.

From the Forminator dashboard, simply click Create, name the quiz, and pick whether you want to create a knowledge or personality quiz. When you hit Continue, activate the option for collecting email leads in one-click.

One-click and your quiz is primed for collecting leads.

It’s that simple! There’s nothing more to get your lead generating quiz started.

From here, you’re ready to…

2. Customize the Default Lead Generation Form to Your Specifications

When it comes to adjusting your quiz, you’ll see all of the available options in the Edit section of the dashboard.

Since we’ve covered the basics already on creating a quiz in other articles (check out the quiz section in Getting the Most Out of Forminator for more details), we’ll jump down to Leads.

When you’re in this section, the Lead Generation Form area is where you can customize the default lead generation form. To edit, just click on the pencil in the container that shows the quiz’s name, and it will open up in a new tab.

This example is named ‘Test Quiz.’

When you open the new tab, you’ll find the default fields are already in place. These include:

  • HTML
  • Email Address
  • First Name
  • GDPR
Where you edit the fields.



This article was written by Nathanael Fakes and originally published on WPMU DEV Blog.

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