Client Consultations: 65 Questions to Ask

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Offering a client consultation for prospective web design clients is a great way to establish your relationship from the start. This client consultation meeting is also important because it helps clarify the scope of a project and reveal potential problems the client or project may create.

When it comes to client consultations, having a checklist of questions beforehand will help make the meeting more efficient. Ultimately, preparing for this client meeting places value on your time—both for the actual meeting and also for the potential project ahead.

In this post, we’ll explore what a client consultation meeting looks like, why you should do them, and a mega list of all the client consultation questions you should ask.

What is a Client Consultation?

First things first, what is a client consultation? In a nutshell, a client consultation is an initial meeting with a client to figure out what they need and to sell your services. At the end of the meeting, you should know if this client is a good fit, exactly what they need, a rough price point, and whether or not you’re going to put together a proposal.

Not every web designer or agency has a specific, organized consultation with prospective clients. Everybody has their own process. But client consultations can be a way to streamline your sales process and waste less time with prospective clients who never pan out.

Tip: If you aren’t offering this service already, consider promoting it as a Free One-Hour Consultation from your business website.

8 Goals for Client Consultations

Keep in mind that a client consultation has a few objectives or goals.

  1. Gauge the chemistry between you and the potential client.
  2. Investigate the working conditions you will have with the potential client.
  3. Estimate the scope of the project.
  4. Inform the potential client about the process of web development.
  5. Suggest additional features that can meet the potential client’s goals.
  6. Educate the potential client on the importance of your ongoing services.
  7. Gather all the material needed to create a project proposal.
  8. Qualify the potential client with a ballpark quote.

A client consultation meeting is a focused meeting to move a prospective client from first contact to a proposal and, hopefully, a signed contract. Here’s a few things a client consultation meeting should deliver:

  • Project details: It’s a limited, streamlined meeting that should tell you everything you need to know about starting a project with a client.
  • Work toward a proposal: It’s a chance to gather all the important details to make a proposal.
  • Getting



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