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PHP is a programming language that’s used to build interactive and dynamic websites. WordPress is written using PHP as its scripting language. Same as WordPress, PHP is open source too. In WordPress, PHP files typically have a .php extension.

A WordPress user need not learn PHP to be able to use, run or manage a website that is WordPress-powered. Most users could use WordPress without ever learning how to code or program in PHP. Nonetheless, if a user wants to develop plugins and themes, or modify the default behavior in WordPress, it’s necessary to learn the basic PHP syntax, together with CSS and HTML.

PHP is the most popular open-source object-oriented scripting language that’s used extensively to create dynamic and high-performance web apps. PHP for web design generates the best results when used along with open source web solution stack-LAMP or Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP. A solution that’s LAMP-based is firmly recommended for business organizations that are looking for cost-effective but secure and efficient solutions.

A PHP web development company delivers quality services in a range of PHP frameworks. Service providers have expertise in an array of open sources and frameworks, making them proficient in executing medium to big-scale projects. With extensive experience in PHP technologies, they can deliver hundreds of thousands of projects in various locations.

Why migrate website to WordPress

PHP web developers would tell customers that want to have websites built that WordPress is at present the most popular CMS in the world. The sheer number of plugins and themes allows website customization the way one wants while adding or making content has never been easier.

Probably the biggest reason why WordPress is very popular is that it’s extremely beginner-friendly. Anyone who wants to begin using it instantly realizes how straightforward and simple it is. In general, publishing content and editing content has never been easier. This means a lot of time savings when training new staff to use the platform. Changing themes, and adding plugins, all are amazingly easy too, thus there is no need to invest a lot of time adapting to WordPress. Furthermore, migrating to WordPress would influence the SEO in a positive way. With the ease of adding and editing content in WordPress, it would be much easier to keep up with the requirements of Google for a high ranking of a website.

Writers, bloggers, and various freelancers could make the most of the WordPress platform. It streamlines posting content, and adding themes and plugins, making tasks much easier and considerably faster. Writing content on the web has never been easier with the WordPress platform.

Benefits of Building a WordPress website

1. Themes enable changing the design of the website fast. There are thousands of themes for WordPress.

2. The plugins enable extending the functionality of the WordPress site without any programming knowledge. There are more than 10,000 plugins to help add all kinds of functionality to websites, such as SEO, social media sharing, photo slides, and many more.

3. They’re easy to update. When creating a Word document, one could publish a new article to the WordPress site. Once set up, a writer could update it anytime, which is important for engagement with visitors, as well as for the search engines.

4. Google just loves WordPress websites. Since they are more frequently updated, and content tends to be well-structured, one could get a WordPress website ranking very fast, than a static site. Google even has gone on record as recommending WordPress for business websites.

5. The platform is supported by an engaged, thriving community. Approximately 8 percent of the websites on the internet are run by WordPress. There are thousands of developers, designers, and enthusiasts who could help.

Be a complete Custom WordPress Freelancer

Anyone could be a custom WordPress web developer and start a web development company business by taking this course.

What to Learn

✓      Build all kinds of commercial websites using WordPress to sell to customers

✓      Learning to code custom WordPress sites with Bootstrap is a surefire way of getting some extra freelance gigs

✓      Master the inner workings of WordPress, to fix, troubleshoot and create websites

✓      Learning skills that could considerably boost the business or change one’s life

Requirements of the course

  • A working computer, either Mac or Windows
  • A modern browser such as Firefox, Chrome, or Safari
  • Internet access for most of the lessons
  • No experience is needed with languages such as CSS or HTML, but a bit of knowledge would help

Course Description

Creating a website is sort of like painting a masterpiece and it could show a much better result if one knows exactly what to do with custom WordPress development. Today is the best time to build a business and income around the platform since a lot of websites worldwide are using WordPress. The course is great even for those without any coding or programming knowledge.

The course teaches how to restore, fix and redesign abandoned websites and continue to manage the WordPress sites, which could bring about instant and recurring income. All this could be learned in just three hours of easy-to-follow video content, challenges, and fun lessons.

The Target Audience

  • Those interested in learning how to create custom WordPress sites
  • People who are interested in becoming a successful freelancers as a website developer
  • Those who want to develop a custom WordPress site without having to write code
  • For students who want to start a web development business as part-time or full-time or as a work-from-home freelancer

Running a website these days is not easy. There’s a tough competition that would take advantage of any wrong moves that one as a website owner, makes. Managing content has become more important over the years, which is exactly why WordPress has become very popular. It’s never been more important to create quality content and ensure that a website is updated with fresh content regularly, which is where WordPress comes in and could help the most.

WordPress is simple, fast, and could deliver the desired results. All of the things that one could ask for from a content management system. PHP web development services also cater to building websites with the WordPress platform, with WordPress being much in demand today, particularly for business websites.

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