In Conversation with Senior PHP Trainer, Consultant Mauro Chojrin.

In Conversation with Senior PHP Trainer, Consultant Mauro Chojrin.

In Conversation with us from Barcelona, España, is Mauro Chojrin, is Computer Science grad. from University of Buenos Aires Mauro has been working in web development since 2000 and with PHP since 2003. With his extensive knowledge on PHP Mauro has turned to become a PHP Trainer, Consultant and Technical Writer. Without further ado lets dive right in what he has to say.

Shahzeb: Mauro, it’s lovely to have you for this interview. Let’s start with a brief introduction for our readers.

Mauro: Glad to be here! Thanks for the opportunity

Shahzeb: So when and how did you start your career with PHP? Any interesting stories you want to share about your journey? What were the challenges you faced in the beginning, and how did you tackle them?

Mauro: My first contact with PHP as around 2003. At the time I was studying Computer Science in university and working part time as a programming teacher at my former high school and, every now and then I did some freelance work on the side.

A friend of mine had been comissioned with the creation of a site that would help connect students with opportunities to do internships abroad and, since she didn’t have any experience with web development, she hired me to do the work.

My previous experience had been with ASP 3.0 so I had knowledge of the basic concepts around web applications but a very shallow understanding of PHP itself.

Also, back then it wasn’t so common to rely on online forums and such, at least for me, so I picked up a book about PHP and kind of learned as I went through the project.

At first the syntax felt pretty awkward, though not completely unfamiliar since I had previously worked with C and C++.
So that was the beginning for me. It was PHP 3.0 if I’m not mistaken… dark days.

A little later I helped creating a time tracking solution on top of a pre-existing Open Source one. This one was made completely in PHP 4.0, which introduced a very rough version of Object Oriented features.

The real game changer came a few years later when I joined a development team tasked with the creation of a leaderboard for a quite popular online gaming platform. The team leader at the time decided we should use Symfony as a basis for our application.

It was a very good call project wise and, personally for me it was an inflection point.
Since then I’ve been following Symfony’s evolution pretty closely and now a days it’s my framework of choice, though I’ve worked with others and also at times, without any framework at all.

Shahzeb: We would love to know about Leeway Academy. What inspired you to start the academy, and how important has it been to your career?

Mauro: By the year 2015 I decided I wanted to go solo and tried a couple of different things but nothing seemed to take off until I started hearing people around me suggesting I should go back to teaching. Eventually



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