Need to Convert an Image to a Different Format? Use These 6 Tools

Need to Convert an Image to a Different Format? Use These 6 Tools

Do you want to convert an image from one format to another? Like PNG to JPG or vice versa? Or maybe even convert an image to a PDF?

Whether it’s for performance, quality, or another reason, you’ll often run into scenarios where you need to change an image’s format.

In this post, we’ll share six great convert image tools that make it easy to quickly convert an image from one format to another (or even bulk convert images if needed).

Six best tools to convert image to another format

Now that we’ve discussed why you might like to convert an image format, let’s look at six excellent alternatives. They all offer somewhat similar features, so the one that’s the best fit for you will depend on the number of images you need to convert regularly.

1. Convertio

Convertio offers a fast and convenient way to convert images from one file type to another in one single workflow. Being a cloud-based solution, there’s no load on your server. You can do the entire conversion online using drag and drop, and then simply download the converted file. For heavy workloads, you can also download the app to your device.

  • Converts from: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, and numerous other image formats
  • Converts to: Hundreds of different image formats
  • Type: Online cloud-based tool. Or, use a Chrome browser extension.
  • Free option: Yes – anyone can convert images up to 100MB file size for free. There’s a cap of 2 concurrent conversions and 10 files per 24 hours
  • Paid plans: Start from $9.99/mo. (Light) and supports file sizes up to 500MB. Higher packages are available at $14.99/mo. and $25.99/mo., where file size increases to 1GB and unlimited, respectively. All paying customers get unlimited conversion minutes per day.
  • Batch processing: Yes – 25 and 50 concurrent conversions on lower plans, no limit in the highest plan.

Other features: The tool picks up files for conversion from your device, Dropbox, Google Drive, or a URL. Files are stored securely for 24 hours only. On a side note, their OCR tool (Optical Character Recognition) for converting any scanned documents into editable Word, PDF, or Txt doc may also interest you.

2. CloudConvert


As the name tells you, this is another cloud-based tool to convert images. Without downloading or installing any software, it allows you



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