Crafting Stories: Turning Your Hobby into a Monetizable Blog


The rise of social media was once seen as the end of blogging. After all, sharing content on social media is not only simpler, but also more effective in some situations. However, the long lifespan of a blogpost and the extra flexibility offered by CMS platforms like WordPress are still invaluable.

You only need to look at the list of plugins reviewed here on WPArena to see the kind of user experience you can deliver to your audience. The only missing ingredient is quality content to fill your site, and we have just the tips to get you started with turning your hobby into stories for your blog.

Find a Niche

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A hobby can still be too general to discuss. If you like photography, for example, there are multiple genres you can focus on. The same is true with hobbies like filmmaking, crafts, and even writing. The best thing to do is find a niche as early as possible.

To do that, think about parts of your hobby that you like the most. For instance, you can talk about CAD software for PCB design, and how this is useful in DIY projects if you enjoy making IoT devices or building gadgets from Arduino or Raspberry starter kits.

The goal of finding a niche is identifying your primary audience early. When you know your primary audience, you can tailor your stories for them, allowing your blog to gain a substantial audience base faster in return.

Be Personal

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