How to Create a Sticky Header in

How to Create a Sticky Header in Elementor

The header and footer are one of the most important parts of a website. Your website’s header is the first thing a visitor notices while landing on your site. A header refers to the navigation bar that displays the business logo, links to all important pages, any CTA, and a way of contacting you via a phone number or email address.

A well-structured header is crucial for your website and can be used to advertise any messages or promotions. It creates easiness for potential customers to explore the website. A good header functions like a good salesman; for example, using the call to action of 20% off for only today will urge the users to buy your product.

A header can be of particular types, such as a sticky or fixed. A sticky header is also known as a fixed header. It is a smart navigation tool that fixes the main menu at the top of the page as visitor scrolls down.

Importance of Sticky Header

A sticky header is a fixed header that allows users to quickly access the search and all important pages without going to the top of the page. According to a study, 22% of internet users said that websites with sticky headers are easier to navigate. Another study found that using a sticky header on an e-commerce website increased conversions by 3%.

Creating a sticky header in Elementor is not simple, especially if you are creating a website for the first time. So, we have created a step-by-step guide to help you design a sticky header with Elementor without writing a single line of code.

Let’s get started!

1. How to Create Sticky Headers using Elementor Pro

A sticky header is a very efficient way to create convenience for your website users. Let’s see how we can quickly design a sticky header using the Elementor theme builder that comes as a premium feature in Elementor Pro.

Step 1: Create a Main Menu

Before creating the sticky header for your website, first, you need to create the Main Menu in your wp-admin > Appearance > Menus. Add all the important pages that you want to show in your header must be listed here.

Step 2: Open the Theme Builder

Open the Theme Builder

After creating the main menu, go to Elementor Templates > Theme Builder. On the theme builder page, click on the Header section and choose “Add New Header.”

Add New Header

After that, a pop-up will appear; write the name of the header template and click on “Create Template.”

Create Template

Now you will be redirected to the Elementor



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