CSS Hero Review 5: The Best WordPress Visual CSS Editor Plugin

CSS Hero Review v5: It’s the Best WordPress Visual CSS Editor Plugin (2021)

Considering using CSS Hero on your WordPress site? In our hands-on CSS Hero review, we’ll take a look at the newest version of CSS Hero – version 5 – and help you decide if it’s right for your site.

If you want the ability to fully customize the design of your WordPress theme or plugins, you need to use custom CSS. But unless you’re a developer, you probably don’t have the advanced CSS knowledge needed to make the changes that you want.

CSS Hero solves that pain point by giving you a visual, code-free interface where you can change the style of any element on your site, whether it comes from your theme or plugins.

Basically, CSS Hero gives you access to the full power of custom CSS, but via a non-technical interface that makes it accessible even if you can’t code CSS from scratch.

Or, even if you do know your way around CSS, CSS Hero can help you work more efficiently.

Want to see it in more detail? Keep reading our hands-on CSS Hero review and I’ll show you exactly what it’s like to use CSS Hero 5. Here’s everything that I’ll cover:

CSS Hero Review: A Quick Introduction

In a nutshell, CSS Hero lets you fully customize the design/appearance of your site using CSS edits that you make via CSS Hero’s visual, beginner-friendly interface.

As I mentioned above, that’s the key selling proposition:

You get the flexibility of custom CSS but with the simplicity of a visual editor.

In the latest version, CSS Hero 5, the CSS Hero team rebuilt the plugin from the ground up using a new React-based engine. The upshot of this new React approach is that the backend interface will be even speedier, which helps you create your designs more effectively.

To make your edits, all you need to do is click on the element that you want to edit and you can use simple controls to make your changes.

If you’re a casual user just looking to make some simple tweaks to the design of your theme or plugins, that might be as far as you go.

But for more advanced users, you can also take advantage of features like:

  • Responsive edits
  • CSS inspector and code editor
  • CSS variables
  • JavaScript editor
  • Media queries

Hands-On With CSS Hero 5: How to Use the Plugin

Now that you know what CSS Hero has to offer, let’s go hands-on with CSS Hero v. 5 and I’ll show you how it works.

I’ll start by giving you a general look at how the interface works and then I’ll dig deeper into some specific features.

A Basic Look at the Interface

CSS Hero doesn’t have a separate settings area, so you’ll do everything from the interface. You can launch the interface by clicking the CSS Hero option on the WordPress toolbar.

Most of the interface is a live preview of your site. In addition to that, you’ll



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