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Fix WordPress Post Publishing Error - The White Screen and 404 Errors

Error 404 pages are crucial for guiding users when a URL seeks a missing page on your website. While it’s common to underestimate the necessity of a 404 page in a WordPress installation, overlooking it can lead to unexpected issues. Despite automatically removing internal links to deleted articles or pages, external links from other websites may continue pointing to your content, disrupting visitors.

The Problem with Shifting Servers

Shifting your blog to a new server can introduce various challenges, especially if the new server experiences frequent downtime. This can result in visitors being redirected to the previous server, which may not reflect the latest updates and posts.

To address this, follow these steps to customize the 404 error page:

  1. Create a Custom 404.php Template
    • Copy the contents of your page.php template file into a new template named 404.php.
    • Remove the entire loop from the file.
  2. Add Encouraging Text and Search Functionality
    • Include the following text within the 404.php template:
    ## Not Found
    Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn't here.
    • Integrate the PHP code to include the search.php template file to enhance user experience.
  3. Restore the Sidebar and Enhance Navigability
    • Reintegrate the #sidebarLT XHTML div and relevant PHP WordPress template tags under the content div for improved navigation and accessibility.


Customizing your 404 error page is an essential step in maintaining a seamless user experience, particularly when transitioning to a new server. By following these guidelines and incorporating encouraging text and intuitive search functionality, you can mitigate the impact of server shifts on your blog’s accessibility and user engagement.

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