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Do your customers zigzag between your ecommerce site, social media profiles, blog, and marketplace product listings? Then you probably find it challenging to gain insights that enable you to craft a personalized experience at scale.

Personalized experiences are important—71% of consumers expect brands to deliver them. And 76% get frustrated when this doesn’t happen. Large b2C ecommerce brands know this and design systems to consolidate omnichannel data, which enables them to tailor experiences with better insights. 

While you may not have the resources to design such a system, you do have the opportunity to use software that offers the same level of access to your data as the big brands.

Custimy is an all-in-one CDP software that provides small and medium-sized companies with the insights they need to fuel their customer experience.

Its founders mixed extensive knowledge from the ecommerce and marketing world with a no-code approach, cloud solution, and artificial intelligence to create a customer data platform that blurs the lines between SMBs and enterprises.

But exactly what data is used in Custimy? What are its salient features? How does it compare to a CRM?

In this detailed Custimy review, I’ll give you all the answers and explain how you can use Custimy to build a better and stronger business.

Custimy Customer Data Platform – Overview and Key Features

Custimy is a robust CDP that provides the foundation to ensure that your customer data insights and analysis are consistent across all your channels, tools, or platform. 

It does this by tracking identifiers from your different channels and unifying them in the CDP. These identifiers are based on demographics, personal information, transactional data, and more. 

 Many other CDPs base identifiers on device ID or cookie ID, but with third-party cookies being phased out, this is no longer a long-term or viable solution.

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Custimy serves as the foundation of your customer data, enabling your teams and tools that use the platform to become more insightful.

Here are some of its key capabilities:

Acquire the right customers

Typically, companies look at ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) and POAS (Profit On Ad Spend) to evaluate the customer’s profitability. But these KPIs only offer a glimpse of the view, and you risk losing out on gaining the right customers.

Custimy looks at customers’ behavior, traits, and lifetime value (LTV). It lets you identify your most valuable customers based on these KPIs and synchronizes segments automatically to your marketing channels. 

This automated, data-driven approach ensures the consistent acquisition of new profitable customers with an expected higher lifetime value.

Retain existing customers

Getting our customers to repurchase is



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