Seven Effective SEO Tips To Improve WordPress Site’s SERPs


Search engine optimization is very important for any website, including ones made on WordPress. A common misconception is that WP sites don’t need search engine optimization to improve their ranking position, but this is not true.

Your WordPress site can beat its competitors if you focus on basic optimization strategies.

Here in this post, we have discussed the most popular SEO tips that can help your WP sites get on the top search results. There are many SEO strategies that you can find online suggested by experts, but the ones we have discussed in this post are simple, effective, and best for even a new website.

7 Quick WordPress Search Engine Optimization Tips for Everyone!

Let’s get on with the WordPress SEO Tips one by one:

1.    Install and Use SEO-Friendly WordPress Theme

WordPress sites are built on predesigned and pre-optimized templates. So your priority should be to choose a template that is already optimized according to the requirements of the search engine.

There are free themes available on WordPress from which you can choose any you want. But the best thing is to choose the ones which would boost the performance of your site instead of bringing it down.

You might find some templates that would be visually interesting for you but would have scripts and plugins which are not typically used, and they can make your site slow and heavy. So it is important that you pick an SEO-friendly theme after reading reviews and ratings.

2.    Check & Improve Your WordPress Site Speed

Site speed matters a lot because people would not engage with a website that takes more than three to four seconds to load. In case a site takes longer to load, then it would increase its bounce rate, which is not a major bad SEO indicator.

Moreover, Google penalizes a slow website which is why you should always regularly check the loading time of your site. You can use online website speed checker tools for this purpose.

you can use Google Analytics to find out the elements which are making your site slow. Removing those elements and fixing those bugs on priority is extremely important.

3.    Delete or Rephrase Duplicate & Thin Content

Duplicate content is one that has been plagiarized from another website indexed on Google. Duplicate content isn’t only bad for SEO, but it also kills your domain’s authority.

This content is the type of content that is under 300 words and is not valuable or informative to the reader. Having this kind of content on your WP site can also damage your SEO score. It is best that you remove or update



This article was written by Hussain and originally published on WPblog.

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