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How To Make Your Finance Blog Stand Out

Blogs are booming in today’s world, as people everywhere establish an online presence through web content management systems like WordPress. A great blogging tool, WordPress is one of many options people assess before sharing their ramblings. For those with an interest in finance, creating a finance blog is a particularly popular niche.

Finance blogs are fairly diverse on the whole. Some bloggers share their opinions on trading, others focus on the financial markets and how to navigate them, while there are some publications in this arena who focus on money-making tips, achieving financial wealth at a certain age, real estate, and loads more. Some bloggers also document their own financial journeys to their community of readers, creating a more personal reading experience in the process.

Standing Out is a Challenge

While there are many topics you can cover on your finance blog, making it stand out from the crowd is tough. Similar in many respects to the millions of YouTube channels on the video-based platform, the blogosphere is a saturated online space. It’s therefore important to build your brand, and ultimately your business, in an effective manner that enables it to shine where others fail to do so.

After all, while you might simply see it as a good place to share your finance-related views, blogging is also a business. Many bloggers earn an income on the side, while some turn to it full-time as they form strong communities of readers. A successful blog can lead to affiliate marketing deals and partnerships with world-famous brands; you can run ads and maybe even sell digital or physical products. The options are extensive. But how can you make your finance blog stand out to help you get there?

Personalisation and Showing Your Work

First and foremost, adding a personal touch is recommended. After all, there’s a reason why people read blogs, and it’s mainly because they supplement the content they read from major publications with more personalised posts from a trusted voice. You can be that leading voice, but readers will only engage with your content when they see the person behind the blog. Finance, at times, can seem quite abstract, and content can feel quite dry to the reader without tangible examples of how things like investing and trading work in real time. If your focus is on trading, for example, then you may want to show your work via an online trading account and allow your readers to gain insight into this fascinating and lucrative area. Your readers will appreciate the candor, even if every trade doesn’t come off. This type of personal touch provides a human feel to your content and enables your community to immediately identify with you on your journey.

Write About Juicy Topics and Tell Great Stories

Alongside adding a personal touch to your content is an opportunity to cover any topics that other publications simply don’t. Likewise, if you have stories to share from your personal experiences, then it will add even more credence to your blog. After all, people want to know they’re reading musings from someone who has been there and done it. For example, you might have bad experiences in dealing with financial advisers. Talk about them. Likewise, if you’ve navigated a period in your life where debt was getting you down, then cover it in extensive detail in your latest post. Don’t be afraid to cover any juicy topics and share stories of your experiences, it’s another effective way you can grow your blog. You might also even want to interview well known people from the finance sphere who can supplement your opinions with some insightful takes of their own. Whatever avenue you decide to go down, keep a consistent publishing schedule and also make sure you incorporate any keywords in your posts, perhaps by adding one keyword per post.

Aesthetics Are Also Important

Aside from offering unmissable content and adding a personal touch to your blog, it’s also important to focus on the look and feel of it. First impressions also count in the online sphere. It’s, therefore, vital that you have a professional-looking blog that shows your readers how committed you are to your finance-focused creation. Humans are visual beings, so don’t be afraid to incorporate audio and visuals alongside your text-based posts. It’s also worth putting a great deal of time into coming up with the best headlines you possibly can.

Additionally, and perhaps most importantly of all, your blog design needs to be strong. The focus should be on the homepage, headers, logo, any empty space, and how to fill it, providing users with simple navigation, article thumbnails, related posts, social media sharing tools, and an about page.

For example, when it comes to your homepage, it’s like your front door. It’s the gate to your online space, if you like. It essentially needs to contain eye-catching material that will convince any prospective readers to delve deeper. Your key messages and any successful content could potentially be the main pull here. Alternatively, maybe a YouTube video introduction might do the job. Focus on layout, font, and colours, but also put yourself in the place of a new visitor.

Marketing Your Blog Is The Next Key Step

Once you’ve nailed a few content ideas and created an eye-catching blog design, then you can focus on growing your reach. There are plenty of tried and tested methods to employ here, but they won’t all necessarily record success. It’s about trial and error, but the main tactics finance bloggers employ includes offering readers with a subscription-based service that enables them to receive email updates when new content is posted. Likewise, you can offer RSS feeds, write content on other blogs to get your name out there, and establish a presence on social media. In fact, social media is a powerful tool, making it necessary to get on platforms like X, formerly known as Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram and TikTok if you’re sharing visual masterpieces.

Ivan Jurisic Ivan has been working with web technologies since the elementary school when he first got introduced to the web. Since then, web development became his passion. He works as a digital marketer at Web Factory and loves to work and write about WordPress. Ivan JurisicLatest posts by Ivan Jurisic (see all)

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