FooBar Review: Best WordPress Notification Bar Plugin?

FooBar Review: Best WordPress Notification Bar Plugin? (2021)

Searching for a plugin to help you create notification bars on your WordPress site?

FooBar is a flexible freemium notification bar plugin that helps you create email opt-ins, CTAs, countdown timers, announcements, and more. You can place your bars above or below content (or even beside it!), choose from lots of different templates/layouts, and target your notification bars to different content, dates, users, and more.

In our hands-on FooBar review, I’ll dig into this plugin and show you how it works. In general, it’s a really easy option to create good-looking WordPress notification bars, and there’s also a free version that should work for a lot of users.

Let’s get started!

FooBar Review: Exploring the Feature List

In a nutshell, FooBar helps you create notification bars that look something like these:

FooBar review

You can place your bars in the following high-level locations, with additional positioning options inside those broad locations:

  • Top (static or sticky)
  • Bottom
  • Inline
  • Left or right slide-in bar

You can start your bars expanded or collapsed, animate them to grab visitors’ attention, control all the colors, and more.

You can create different types of bars including:

  • Simple messages
  • Messages with CTA buttons
  • Email opt-in forms
  • Countdown timers with CTA buttons
  • Cookie consent notices

You’ll also be able to control exactly where/when your notification bars appear with advanced rules including:

  • Scheduling
  • Targeting logged-in vs logged-out users
  • Targeting specific content by post type, category, tag, individual posts/pages, and more

All in all, it’s a pretty flexible solution for WordPress notification bars. Keep reading to see it in action.

Hands-On With FooBar

Now, let’s go hands-on with the plugin on my test site and I’ll show you how it works. For reference, I’m using the premium version of the plugin on my site, though all of the basic core features are also available in the free version.

Basic Setup

When you first launch FooBar, it will give you this nice getting started guide to help you learn how to get up and running.

One neat feature is the ability to create demo notification bars, which help you understand how the notification bars work by looking at some already-finished examples:

Welcome screen

There’s also a settings area where you can configure a few basics, such as the Mailchimp integration, reCAPTCHA, CSS stylesheet behavior, and more.

With respect to CSS, FooBar will only load its styles on pages where you’re actually



This article was written by Colin Newcomer and originally published on Learn WordPress with WPLift.

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