G2 Spring Awards 2023 – How WPMU DEV Performed

G2 Spring Awards 2023 - How WPMU DEV Performed

How did WPMU DEV compare against other WordPress leaders in the areas of Managed Hosting, Web Hosting, and WordPress Site Management for the Spring 2023 quarter?

Winners of 70 G2 Awards for Spring ’23!

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Here are the results of the G2 Spring 2023 Awards, backed by authentic and verified feedback from G2 users.

Managed Hosting

Overall grid rankings (Spring 2023)

Managed Hosting overall grid rankings (Spring 2023)

User satisfaction rankings (Spring 2023)

Managed Hosting user satisfaction rankings (Spring 2023)Managed Hosting user satisfaction rankings (Spring 2023)


WPMU DEV, along with Kinsta, tops 3 of the 5 G2 user satisfaction categories shown above, including an amazing 99% for Quality of Support, which we’re pretty chuffed about.

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