Google Chrome Statistics for

Google Chrome Statistics for 2021

The Google Chrome web browser was publicly released in 2008. Originally only available for Microsoft Windows, support for macOS, Linux, and mobile platforms quickly followed.

By mid-2012, Chrome was the most popular browser worldwide. It has been the dominant player in the category ever since.

Read on to discover all of the important Google Chrome statistics for 2021. Here’s a summary of what we’ll cover:

Chrome Stats (Top Picks)

  • Chrome is currently the primary browser of more than 2.65 billion internet users. That’s up from 1.29 billion in 2014.
  • Chrome has a worldwide browser market share of 63.58%.
  • In the US, the Chrome share of browser usage is 46.32%.
  • 137,345 extensions are available for Chrome.

Chrome market share worldwide

Google Chrome has a global browser market share of 63.58% across all device types. A slight decrease from the 64.6% share registered in 2019.

For comparison, the second most popular browser worldwide (Safari) has a market share of 19.37%.

Google Chrome claimed more than half of the global browser market share within its first decade. Chrome’s share grew more than 16x over this period, from 3.23% in 2009 to more than half of the worldwide market (53.96%) in 2017.

Here’s a table showing the Google Chrome browser market share (across all device types) since 2009:

Note: Table includes incomplete data for 2021.
Year Market share
2009 3.23%
2010 9.95%
2011 19.79%
2012 29.3%
2013 34.67%
2014 38.94%
2015 44.87%
2016 49.08%
2017 53.96%
2018 59.12%
2019 63.31%



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