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How to Use Google Search Trends Report to Generate Content

Today, Google is perhaps the most powerful tool in any content creator or marketer’s arsenal. The platform includes tools like Google AdWords and Google Analytics that can always help businesses do keyword and market research, and gain valuable insights. At the final stretch, you can use those findings to build stronger and smarter marketing and business strategies.

However, way too many marketers tend to ignore another fantastic Google tool that can help from market research to sparking new and well-ranking content ideas, Google Trends. In today’s article, we’ll explain all about it.

In short, how to search for trends, what to look out for and how you can use it to generate fresh and exciting content ideas.

About Google Trends

Google Trends is a helpful tool that gives you information on the number of Google searches for specific topics or search phrases, as well as the most popular geographic locations for these inquiries. As you can already tell just by this brief introduction, Google trends can be a powerful tool in a writer’s arsenal.

What else can Google Trends be used for?

  • Comparative and in-depth keyword research
  • Politics, entertainment, wildlife, science, business, travel and leisure, and other global topics
  • Popular searches divided by country on any given day
  • Top performing content and more detailed information on any given topic or keyword you’ve chosen

When looking for content ideas, in particular, there are two things you should vary of – the difference between long-term and short-term trends. Both can be extremely useful, but they will impact your content differently depending on how you use them, so let’s see what they are.

Long-Term Trends

Google Trends is a fantastic tool for measuring long-term interest in a topic, and it’s beneficial for making direct comparisons. For example, the comparison between MySpace and Facebook: there is a distinct tipping point around the year 2008 when searches for MySpace began to fall while searches for Facebook skyrocketed.

Of course, this follows a nationwide trend in which individuals abandon MySpace and other early social networks in favor of Facebook. By looking at long-term trends, you can find “evergreen” topics and predict if there will be any interest in what you’re planning to write. Content ideas based on long-term trends tend to do very well and are a good indicator of your blog’s direction.

Short-Term Trends

At the other end of the scale, Google Trends can be used to determine which topics have grown hot in the recent 24 hours. When you go to the site, you’ll find a breakdown of the top search topics, followed by a list of discussion topics that have gained traction that day.

It can be a great way to produce hot content that’ll get a lot of hits immediately after publication. It is important to note that if you take this route, you have to be fast – it’s a winner who takes all kinds of games.




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