10 Helpful Google Search Operators for SEO and More

10 Helpful Google Search Operators for SEO and More (2020)

Having a hard time finding exactly what you need on the internet? Why not try using Google search operators?

To help you find what you’re looking for, Google includes special signs and commands called Google search operators. They help you find something specific, ignore certain terms from search engines (broad keywords), search between certain date ranges, and more.

In this post, we are going to discuss the most common Google search operators to improve your search results, with real examples of each.

Let’s get started!

Ten useful Google search operators in 2020

To use all of these search operators, you add them to the regular Google search box, just like this:

1. Search exact match with ""

  • Operator: "[term]"
  • Example: “domain name generators”
  • Example explained: will only return search results that include the exact phrase domain name generators.

The first in our list of common Google search operators is "". It’s a basic search operator that forces Google to find the exact match of the search term that you put inside the quotations. This is especially helpful when you want to find details about a specific blog or website.

Using this search operator will list all the web pages with that specific keyword on the SERP.

2. Search a specific site’s content with site:

Site: is an amazing search operator that you can use for finding something from a specific website (make sure to keep the colon in there when searching). You can use it when you want to see a post on a particular blog or when their site is missing a search bar.

Many SEO experts also use it to find the contact page of the site when removing bad links. This command will not only show the pages of the websites, but also the sub-domain.

3. Add a “fill in the blank” with *

  • Operator: [term1] * [term2]
  • Example: WordPress * developer
  • Example explained: includes results that have additional content between WordPress and developer (more specific examples below).

This is one of the coolest Google search operators on our list in our opinion. An asterisk will help you connect two different keywords and find search results that include both of them. Think of it like a “fill in the blank” for whatever comes between your two search terms.

For example, wordpress * developer would turn up phrases such as:

  • WordPress plugin developer
  • WordPress theme developer
  • WordPress PHP developer
  • Etc.

4. Force match a single word or phrase with +

  • Operator:



This article was written by Pulkit Bhardwaj and originally published on ThemeIsle Blog.

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