Human Presence Review: Stop WordPress Form Spam in Its Tracks

Human Presence Review: Stop WordPress Form Spam in Its Tracks

Because WordPress is so popular, it’s a juicy target for spammers. Once you make your site public, people will be looking to spam your forms, comments, registrations, and so on.

One way to stop spam in its tracks is to use a CAPTCHA. However, while this will certainly stop most spam, it also runs the risk of annoying your human visitors who now need to jump through extra hoops to submit a form or leave a comment.

Human Presence is a WordPress anti-spam solution that stops spam while remaining invisible to your human users. In addition to working with WordPress comments and WooCommerce reviews, it integrates with most popular form plugins to offer behind-the-scenes spam prevention.

In our hands-on Human Presence review, we’ll take a look at this tool and show you how you can use it to protect your WordPress site from spam form submissions, comments, and user registrations.

Let’s dig in because the spammers certainly aren’t going to wait around.

Human Presence Review: A Look at the Features

At a high level, the main benefit of Human Presence is that it protects your website’s forms from spam.

The key detail is that it does this invisibly. That is, it doesn’t add any extra verifications for your human visitors to perform like a CAPTCHA field would.

In fact, your human visitors won’t notice a single detail that’s different about your forms. Instead, Human Presence does all of its work in the background.

How does Human Presence detect spam? Well, I’ll let them explain it:

Human Presence actively runs in the background of your website hidden from site visitors. This “ActiveForce” environment uses our proprietary behavior analysis to invisibly detect and record individual session behaviors. Our algorithm uses this information to construct smart profiles–a sort of digital fingerprint–to actively gauge future site interactions and protect against unwanted and/or harmful traffic

As far as I can tell, the unique thing about Human Presence is that it doesn’t just look for “bot markers” in malicious visits, but it also looks for “human markers” to make sure visits are legitimate.

If Human Presence’s algorithm detects spam based on the visitor’s profile, it will block the submission outright.

You also have the option to adjust Human Presence’s minimum confidence threshold to make it more aggressive or relaxed at blocking spam.

WordPress Integrations

Human Presence offers built-in integrations for popular WordPress features and form plugins.

In terms of core WordPress features, it can protect your comments section and your registration page. If you’re using WooCommerce, it can also protect your WooCommerce reviews.

Then, it also integrates with most popular



This article was written by Colin Newcomer and originally published on WP Mayor.

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