Introducing 32GB, 48GB & 64GB Premium DigitalOcean Servers

Introducing 32GB, 48GB & 64GB Premium DigitalOcean Servers

We’re thrilled to share a significant enhancement in our ongoing efforts to deliver an exceptional cloud hosting experience. Responding to your feedback and recognizing the increasing demand for superior performance beyond the existing Premium 16 GB versions, we’re excited to introduce additional premium options for DigitalOcean (DO) on Cloudways.

Cloudways customers can now deploy larger 32 GB, 48 GB, and 64 GB versions of DO Premium. Notably, the 48 GB and 64 GB variants are exclusively available to Cloudways customers.

Demand for More High-Performance Options

As technology evolves and businesses expand, the demand for enhanced website performance becomes increasingly crucial for competitiveness. At Cloudways, we have proactively stayed ahead in this realm by partnering with top-tier cloud providers, each offering standard and higher performance options.

Many of you rely on DigitalOcean (DO) Premium servers for critical applications. However, the previous limitation of server sizes, capped at 16 GB, posed challenges for those managing larger, resource-intensive applications, databases, or intricate web projects. Scaling up to larger Standard servers became a necessity, resulting in higher costs.

Our Solution: Exclusive Options for You

Addressing this issue, we closely collaborated with DigitalOcean to expand the DO Premium lineup at Cloudways. The integration now includes three larger server sizes: 32 GB, 48 GB, and 64 GB. Notably, the 48 GB and 64 GB versions were developed at our request, offering unique advantages exclusively to Cloudways customers.

Here are the pricing and specifications for these larger DO Premium server sizes:

Server Name RAM Processor Storage Bandwidth Monthly Hourly
DO32GB 32 GB 8 Core 640 GB 7TB 279.00 0.3875
DO48GB 48 GB 12 Core 960 GB 8TB 388.00 0.5389
DO64GB 64 GB 16 Core 1280 GB 9TB 487.00 0.6764


Scaling to Larger Droplets: Locations & Data Centers

It’s important to note that these larger Droplets are not available in all locations or data centers within those locations. During server launch, you’ll find these options visible only in compatible locations. For recently launched servers, vertical scaling is a straightforward process.

If your server was launched earlier or is in an incompatible location, vertical scaling may not be feasible due to different physical data centers. In such cases, advanced cloning allows you to replicate your server settings and apps seamlessly.

Below is the list of locations and data centers where these larger DO Premium servers are available.

Introducing 32GB, 48GB & 64GB Premium DigitalOcean Servers 1Introducing 32GB, 48GB & 64GB Premium DigitalOcean Servers 2

Note: Availability is expected to be extended to London in 2024.

Understanding Premium Droplets and Their Benefits

Premium droplets are high-performance server instances designed to meet the needs of medium-high traffic applications requiring better performance & faster operations.

These droplets are equipped with an array of advanced features and enhanced hardware specifications, ensuring an optimal hosting experience. While the specific details of these premium droplets may vary depending on the server size, they typically offer:

  • Enhanced Storage: Up to 1280 GB of NVMe storage (64 GB Plan), featuring significantly higher read and write speeds than standard droplets.
  • Superior Performance: Improved CPUs and faster NVMe storage enable premium droplets to handle high traffic and reduce load times compared to standard options.
  • Advanced Memory: Cloudways’ premium droplets feature 2933 MHz memory frequencies, ideal for in-memory databases and caching.
  • Improved Scalability: With premium droplets, easy resource scaling ensures your infrastructure grows seamlessly with your business needs.

Best Use Cases for Premium Droplets

Premium droplets are well-suited for a variety of use cases. Consider upgrading to premium droplets if your project aligns with any of the following categories:

High-Traffic Websites Premium droplets, with enhanced CPU and faster storage, are perfect for websites facing increased traffic. This ensures a smooth user experience during periods of heightened activity.
Hosting mission-critical databases The additional storage and memory capacity of premium droplets simplifies the management of substantial databases. This leads to quicker data retrieval and processing.
E-commerce Sites Online stores often have varying traffic loads. Premium droplets allow you to scale resources dynamically, ensuring your e-commerce site stays responsive during peak shopping seasons.

What’s Next?

The introduction of Larger Premium DO servers underscores our dedication to providing versatile, high-performance cloud infrastructure. Whether you’re running resource-intensive web applications, hosting large-scale databases, or managing demanding workloads, these servers are crafted to meet your requirements.

We remain committed to our journey of innovation, consistently delivering top-tier hosting solutions. As we launch our Larger Premium DO Servers, we’re also exploring other exciting enhancements to elevate your Cloudways experience even further.

Introducing 32GB, 48GB & 64GB Premium DigitalOcean Servers 3

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