LiteSpeed WordPress Hosting (11 Places You Can Get it)

LiteSpeed WordPress Hosting (11 Places You Can Get it)

Looking for a WordPress host that uses LiteSpeed?

LiteSpeed servers have blown up in Facebook groups because they’re faster (and usually cheaper) than WordPress hosts who still use Apache servers. You can see the tests yourself.

But not all LiteSpeed hosts are the same. Some cram tons of websites on the same server (making your site slower), and some have better support than others (which is why I included their TrustPilot rating). Some of these you may have never heard of before (i.e. JohnnyVPS) but are better than popular options like Hostinger who writes fake reviews. So even though these hosts all use LiteSpeed, you should still do your research and choose which one is best for you. The WordPress Hosting + WP Speed Matters Facebook groups are great for getting feedback.


Why Use LiteSpeed Hosting?

Most WordPress hosts still use Apache or Nginx, but the more innovative hosts are replacing them with LiteSpeed which is faster, more efficient, and it can handle more websites on the server. LiteSpeed is essentially a better, faster alternative to Apache (and arguably Nginx too).

What does that mean for you?

Speed – the LiteSpeed server + LiteSpeed Cache + CDN combination is typically faster than Apache + WP Rocket + Cloudflare (for example). Not only are LiteSpeed servers faster, but you will also be using HTTP/3 and server-level caching through LiteSpeed + QUIC.

LiteSpeed Cache Plugin – with a LiteSpeed server, you’re able to use the LiteSpeed Cache plugin. This is a free cache plugin (with high ratings) and is faster than WP Rocket mainly because it uses server-level caching instead of WP Rocket’s file-based caching. With the exception of SiteGround’s Optimizer plugin, most cache plugins don’t use server-level caching. It has nearly every feature of WP Rocket (or more) like database cleanup, heartbeat control, redis + memcached, browser resource hints, image optimization, and CSS + JS optimizations. CDN – this is a CDN built specifically to work on top of LiteSpeed which uses HTTP/3. Once you install LiteSpeed Cache, activate in the CDN settings. You will request a domain key in LiteSpeed Cache, link your account, then sign up at’s website to activate the CDN. Their dashboard has other speed features too.

Security –  LiteSpeed and’s CDN have built-in security features that protect your WordPress site from DDos and brute force attacks, which makes your site even more secure.

Savings – since you’ll be using the LiteSpeed Cache plugin and CDN (which are both free when using LiteSpeed), there’s no reason to pay $49/year for WP Rocket or a premium CDN like BunnyCDN. And since LiteSpeed servers can handle more websites on their servers, your hosting company is likely saving money and (maybe) will pass those savings to you.


1. NameHero



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