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How Long Should a Blog Post Be? Ideal Length for 2020 - Blog Tyrant

ow long should a blog post be? It’s an important and common question because a lot of new bloggers aren’t sure whether it’s better to write longer or shorter blog posts. 

In this article, we’ll talk about the ideal blog post length. Plus, we’ll go over blog length best practices so that you can attract more readers to your blog, improve your SEO, boost engagement, and more. 

So, what is the perfect blog post length?

Keep reading to find out…

What Is the Ideal Length for a Blog Post?

You’ve probably heard people saying things like “attention spans are shorter than ever” and that “people only want bite-sized information”. But this doesn’t mean your blog posts should be short. 

Longer is often better when it comes to blog posts. 

While attention spans may be going down, the average word count of blog posts is on the rise. According to IsItWP, the average post length has increased around 42% between 2014 and 2018, from 800 words to 1,151 words.

In the infographic “The Internet is a Zoo: The Ideal Length of Everything Online” from Buffer, they find that the ideal blog post length is 1,600 words


But some sources think a good blog post should be even longer than that. 

In a Medium article, the writer says that posts with an average read time of 7 minutes captured the most attention. 


HubSpot took this information and figured out that according to the average reading speed of native English-speaking adults of 300 words per minute, this means that the ideal blog post length is 2,100 words

Then, HubSpot also took a look at their own blog content and they found that the magic number for a blog post was between 2,250–2,500 words

As you can see from these different word counts, the ideal blog post length varies depending on who you ask. But, there’s one thing they all have in common, they all agree that long-form content is king




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