18 Best WordPress Mega Menu Plugins for Your site Navigation


Menus help categorize other pages and sections of a WordPress site. But you can make them even better with the help of mega menu WordPress plugins. Mega menus allow you to create categories, subcategories and other options to make browsing around the site easier.

In this tutorial, I will show you 15 of the best WordPress Mega Menu Plugins to use in 2020

Advantages of Mega Menu 

There has been a never ending debate on whether one should use mega menu plugins or not. In 2009 Jakob Nielsen argued that mega menus can enhance user experience of a website IF they are done right. They do have a few advantages over traditional menus so let’s check them out first. 

1. Helps in Organizing Navigation:

  • One of the advantages of Mega Menu is that it organizes your menus that results in a cleaner navigation bar. For example your blog has certain categories that can be segregated into one single category.
  • Rather than displaying 10 different categories on your navigation bar, you can declutter that section by using Mega Menu and displaying them as a subsection of the drop down menu. 

2. Accommodate Icons:

  • Mega menus allow users to place small images and icons that resonates with the menu so that the visitor is informed what type of content will he be able to see through that menu.
  • This prevents visitors from wandering around your website to search for their desired content.

Disadvantages of Mega Menu

While there are advantages of mega menu, I can’t help but think of the possible side effects of this strategy. 

1. Cluttered Menu:

  • While mega menu declutters your navigation, it can certainly clutter your drop down menu. Since you are tempted to put every other link in a mega menu, you do.
  • This results in an information overload and makes it difficult for visitors to find the desired menu.
  • It can also get distracting for the visitors and they might feel agitated and leave your site in frustration. 
  • Compatibility Issues
  • Since the drop down menu in mega menu is quite significant as compared to a traditional menu, it is often not compatible with different screen sizes.
  • Longer and broader drop down menus are not exactly made to fit a smaller screen size which results in a broken design and a poor user experience. Not only do they not fit, they also become nonfunctional on different screen sizes.

Max Mega Menu will turn all of your site’s menus into a mega menu. You can add any WordPress widget to your menu and use a theme editor to restyle your menu. You can also change the behavior of your menu with built-in settings.

Features That Makes Max Mega Menu Plugin a Great Choice:

  • Drag and Drop Mega Menu builder
  • Display WordPress Widgets in your menu
  • Various menu transitions
  • Hover, Hover Intent or Click event to open sub menus
  • Menu item options including Hide Text, Disable Link, Hide on Mobile



This article was written by Moeez and originally published on WPblog.

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