Monthly Template Kits #8: The Interior Design Template Kit –

Monthly Template Kits #8: The Interior Design Template Kit - Elementor

The ‘About’ page, like the ‘Projects’ page, begins with a one-column image layout, with a large width, giving the visitor a detailed, up close and personal perspective on the design firm’s team that works with each client. 

Just like before, since the visitor has yet to sit down to a meeting with the interior designers with a friendly handshake and face-to-face meeting, the next best thing is a group image of the firm’s team to get the vibe of their professional dynamic and rapport with one another. 

Yet again, the page is all about the emphasis that the web creator is conveying to every visitor. But just because the first image is one column, doesn’t mean the entire page needs to be limited to a single-column layout. 

As you scroll down the page, the number of columns becomes two and then three and then two and three again. This keeps the user experience interesting and varied yet consistent and smooth—the perfect balance. There’s great harmony between the images, and the visitor is given the opportunity to learn about each team member in their own light: the business owner and his employees. It’s as real as possible, captivated into one screen. 

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