NameHero vs. SiteGround – Why The Smaller Company Wins

Backlinko TTFB Test

NameHero is better than SiteGround.

There, I said it. Even though NameHero is a smaller company, they outperform SiteGround in nearly all aspects – especially in terms of the 3 things people want most: speed, support, and price. I have used both hosting companies (SiteGround for many years) and left them in 2018.

Backlinko found SiteGround had the slowest TTFB when compared against 18 hosts. They also pulled shady tactics to force people to upgrade, like taking down websites due to CPU limits, limiting number of websites on each plan (they have since reverted this), increasing prices, and hiding the support option in the dashboard. Since 2018, SiteGround has made many changes with the sole purpose to make profits, resulting in a lower quality service than they once were.

NameHero is smaller but has been growing. The LiteSpeed server + LiteSpeed Cache + CDN combo is much faster than SiteGround’s Google Cloud servers with SG Optimizer. NameHero uses cPanel which is more user-friendly than SiteGround Site Tools (IMO). NameHero’s support blows SiteGround out of the water and they don’t pull sketchy tactics to make you upgrade. And if you watch Ryan’s YouTube videos (CEO of NameHero), you can tell he’s a genuinely helpful person which shows through their support + TrustPilot reviews.


1. Speed

SiteGround has a slow TTFB.

They were the worst performer in Backlinko’s PageSpeed Test. Ever since they migrated to Google Cloud servers, their TTFB has gotten slower and there have been countless reports of this in Facebook Groups. SiteGround will defend this (as they defend all negative reviews about them), saying it’s not true. But I encourage you not to listen to them and other SiteGround affiliates, since the truth shows in independent tests like Backlinko’s and in Facebook Groups.

SiteGround has a slow TTFB (source: Backlinko)
SiteGround cloud hosting slow TTFBHigher SiteGround plans also have a slow TTFB

I setup the same Astra Starter Site + Elementor on NameHero Turbo Cloud and SiteGround’s GrowBig plan. Both cost around $9/month. While SiteGround was slightly faster out of the box, NameHero had much better results when LiteSpeed Cache + CDN were configured (compared to SG Optimizer + Cloudflare).


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