How to Organize and Easily Manage Files in the WordPress Media Library With FileBird Folders –

How to Organize and Easily Manage Files in the Wordpress Media Library With Filebird Folders

All of us have, at one point in our lives, opened a closet, cupboard, and/or storage room we’ve been neglecting for some time just to find it disorganized and cluttered to the brim. Transferring directly to our software usage, most of us don’t have documents and downloads folders neatly segmented so that we can access anything we need in seconds. Instead, we just pile everything in like it’s an endless hole, often even forgetting the names of our files.

Doing these things on a local drive with virtually unlimited space, at least when we’re talking about these types of files, won’t have long-reaching consequences. However, if we apply the same method (or lack thereof), to web management where resources are limited we’ll most certainly run into problems sooner or later.

The worst part about organizing your files is the start, especially if everything works. We all know the drill – we’ll delay it for days, weeks, even months, often with the mantra that “you’ll do it over the weekend”. Don’t be dismayed, most of us react in this way because it isn’t a small feat – sorting out months or even years of neglect never is, that’s why we procrastinate. If you do let it sit until you’ve run into problems, unfortunately, you’ll then have a much harder time putting everything to work again.

This somewhat long windup is only to emphasize the significance of order and organization, most importantly, within folders you upload to directly. That’s where FileBird – WordPress media library folders plugin comes in.

FileBird is a plugin that lets you quickly and simply organize your libraries in a way that keeps everything in its place and keeps your site running optimally.

Organizing for everybody

Since sorting and organizing is a frowned-upon activity you need to make it extra accessible to anyone who actually wants to go through with it. FileBird does this splendidly.

The user interface is very similar to the File Explorer we use within Windows daily. Your screen will be dived into two sections – one on the left that shows a folder tree and one on the right that shows the files within those folders. From that starting point, you’re off to work.

FileBird foldersIt’s important to note, before we go any further, that the changes you’re doing are only visual i.e. all the media files will remain in their original location. This is essential because if the locations are changed, all the addresses/links will also have to be redone for all your pages. Just imagine how much work that would be.

So to emphasize, all these folders you’re creating are for your benefit and to help you organize, as far as WordPress is concerned, it’s business as usual. With that out of the way, let’s take a closer look at how it all works once you start.

Folders, folders



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