3 Price History WooCommerce Plugins

3 Price History WooCommerce Plugins

Many stores adjust their prices from time to time. Their customers may not appreciate paying more than they have to for products they need though. By adding a price history feature, e-commerce stores can offer more pricing transparency while retaining more customers. Here are 3 plugins that let you add such a feature to your site:

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WooCommerce Price History: a handy plugin that charts price changes on your website. It also lets your visitors sign up for price alerts. This plugin shows the current, highest, lowest, and average price for each product

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WP Price History: a handy plugin that tracks prior prices on your site and displays the lowest price in the last 30 days. It also helps your website stay compliant with certain laws around the globe.

3 Price History WooCommerce Plugins 2

Product Price History: a WooCommerce plugin that displays price history charts and lowest price messages on your website to help you attract more customers. It gives you the option to hide certain prices from history charts.

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