Prime Slider Pro: Elegant WordPress Slideshows Made Easy

Prime Slider Pro: Elegant WordPress Slideshows Made Easy

In the dynamic world of WordPress website design, the right tools can significantly elevate both the aesthetics and functionality of a site—and if you’re using Elementor on your WordPress site, Prime Slider Pro is a valuable asset to consider.

Created by BDThemes, Prime Slider Pro is a plugin that helps you craft a beautiful hero section for your website. But it’s not just a slider; it’s a comprehensive solution that allows you to effortlessly build web pages that are complete with custom headers, footers, social share buttons, and vivid images.

With a customizable layout, it provides flexibility in manipulating the design, which means you can create unique sliders tailored specifically for your website (and your specific use case). Plus, the plugin includes all kinds of header customization options, such as adjustments for logos, menus, and off-canvas elements, which significantly enhance both the functionality and appearance of your website’s header.

In short: Prime Slider Pro merges user-friendliness with a suite of innovative features to give you a powerful tool for creating engaging and visually stunning web pages. In this review, I’ll talk about the plugin’s key features, how to install and use it, pricing, and more, so you can decide if Prime Slider Pro is right for your WordPress site.

Key Features of Prime Slider Pro

1. Diverse Widget Selection

Prime Slider Pro offers an impressive array of over 55 widgets. This variety caters to a wide range of design needs, allowing users to create everything from elegant hero sections to interactive blog sliders.

The diversity of the free and pro widgets makes Prime Slider Pro accessible to users of all levels, from hobbyists to professional web designers.

2. WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce Integration is a standout feature in Prime Slider Pro, particularly beneficial for WooCommerce users. This functionality allows for the seamless incorporation of product details and shopping functionalities into sliders, elevating the online shopping experience.

More specifically, the WooCommerce slider is a useful tool for creating the perfect homepage slider. With a direct content focus, it allows you to show off the entire details of products, including their prices, an add-to-cart button, and social share options.

Prime Slider Pro: Elegant WordPress Slideshows Made Easy 1

This integration ensures a more engaging and informative user interface, making it easier for customers to interact with and purchase products directly from the slider.

3. User-Friendly Dashboard and Interface

Prime Slider provides the most simple dashboard controls for the users so they can easily control the features and widgets. No complications and no coding knowledge are required at all.

Adding widgets and other functionalities is as simple as hitting a toggle switch, with a search feature, ‘free’ and ‘pro’ filtering, and the ability to activate or deactivate all widgets with a single button.

Prime Slider Pro: Elegant WordPress Slideshows Made Easy 2

In addition to that, the ease with which users can design and customize sliders is a testament to Prime Slider Pro’s user-friendly interface. This accessibility is particularly beneficial for users who may not have extensive coding or design experience.

Adding widgets and other functionalities is as simple as hitting a toggle switch, with a search feature, ‘free’ and ‘pro’ filtering, and the ability to activate or deactivate all widgets with a single button.

4. Responsive and SEO-Optimized:

All sliders created with Prime Slider Pro are fully responsive, ensuring a seamless viewing experience across all devices.

Prime Slider Pro: Elegant WordPress Slideshows Made Easy 3

Additionally, Prime Slider’s clean code helps you retain above-standard SEO optimizations, potentially helping you rank higher in Search Engines.

5. Innovative Design Options:

Prime Slider Pro doesn’t just stop at functional widgets; it pushes the boundaries of design with its wide range of sliders. From the visually striking and elegant ‘Astoria’ to the product-centric ‘Isolate,’ each widget brings its unique aesthetic, allowing users to find the perfect match for their website’s theme.

Plus, the large number of precise customization controls ensures that you can modify and rebrand everything on the slider, making your designs stand out.

Prime Slider Pro: Notable Widgets to Check Out

1. General Base Slider

Designed for various use cases, the General Base widget for Prime Slider Pro offers sleek and eye-catching style with an organized content layout. This widget is both user-friendly and flexible for creating stunning slideshows on any website.

Prime Slider Pro: Elegant WordPress Slideshows Made Easy 4

2. Custom Slider

The Custom Slider is a great option if you want more creative control. This widget allows you to design your slider template, with various design options to suit different tastes.

The custom slider from Prime Slider

3. Flogia

The Flogia slider is a sleek and practical choice, all in one. Particularly suitable for visual content like video and gaming, the Flogia widget offers extensive customization options, including the ability to hide elements like the title, text, button, strip shortcode, category, and even navigation arrows or dots.

Users can also adjust the alignment to left, center, or right, providing greater control over the widget’s appearance and functionality.

The Flogia slider from Prime Slider

4. Fiestar

The Fiestar slider is a unique creation by Prime Slider Pro, combining the features of a post accordion and a slider. This polymorphed slider widget is perfect for landing page applications, allowing users to feature posts, products, and other important content in a visually engaging and harmonious manner.

Fiestar slider from Prime Slider

5. Wooexpand Slider

The Wooexpand slider is designed exclusively for WooCommerce websites, featuring an accordion-style layout with smooth background animations. It offers full integration with WooCommerce and its various applications, enhancing the user experience and website functionality.

Prime Slider Pro: Elegant WordPress Slideshows Made Easy 5

6. Pagepiling Slider

This slider mimics a paper flip, offering a singular slider experience complemented by minimalistic background graphics. In contrast, the full-page design maximizes space by occupying the entire page canvas, creating a wide, interactive layout that inspires user engagement.

Prime Slider Pro: Elegant WordPress Slideshows Made Easy 6

Getting Started with Prime Slider Pro

Setting up Prime Slider Pro is straightforward: Once you’ve purchased a license from the BDThemes website, you can easily download and install the plugin on your WordPress site.

How to Install and Activate Prime Slider Pro

  1. From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Plugins
  2. Click Add New Plugin
  3. Upload the file
  4. Click Install Now
  5. Once installation is complete, remember to click Activate
  6. You’ll be prompted to enter your license key, as shown here:
Prime Slider Pro: Elegant WordPress Slideshows Made Easy 7

Once activated, you’ll see a new Prime Slider menu show up on your WordPress dashboard:

Prime Slider Pro: Elegant WordPress Slideshows Made Easy 8

How to Create Your First Slider with the General Base Widget

Remember that Elementor should be installed on your WordPress site for the Prime Slider Pro widgets to function properly.

  1. Create a new page on your WordPress site
  2. Open the page with Elementor
  3. From the Page Layout menu, select Elementor Canvas or Elementor Full Width
  4. Click the + icon to add a new section
  5. Scroll or search the widget menu for the General Base widget
  6. Drag the General Base widget into the section you created
Prime Slider Pro: Elegant WordPress Slideshows Made Easy 9
Prime Slider Pro: Elegant WordPress Slideshows Made Easy 10

How to Configure the General Base Widget

1. Sliders: Here you can choose from four different skins, as well as add or edit your slider text, links, buttons, background, and colors.

Prime Slider Pro: Elegant WordPress Slideshows Made Easy 11

What’s cool is that you can also edit titles and button text with AI:

Prime Slider Pro: Elegant WordPress Slideshows Made Easy 12

2. Additional Settings: Edit the slider height and width, and choose whether or not to display subtitles, buttons, icons, excerpts, share icons, social icons, and more.

3. Social Icon: Set your social media icons, and links, or upload your icons.

4. Slider Settings: Control things like autoplay, pause on hover, animation speed, looping, and choose slider animations or select the Ken Burns animation.

5. Advanced Animation: Enable advanced animation, animation of characters, words, or lines, and customize animation options.

How to Style a Widget with the Style Tab

You can customize all kinds of widget elements here, including:

  • Sliders: Overlay, title width, color, typography, text stroke, title spacing, as well as the appearance of subtitles, excerpts, and buttons
  • Social Icon: Button colors and text, hover effects, icon size and spacing, and more
  • Navigation: Arrows, background, border, dots, and hover effects

Customer Reviews and Market Acceptance

Prime Slider Pro has received widespread acclaim from its user base, with 129+ five-star ratings. Users praise the plugin for its versatility, ease of use, and the professional touch it adds to websites.

The positive feedback from diverse users, including bloggers, eCommerce site owners, and professional web designers, speaks volumes about the plugin’s effectiveness and reliability.

Featured by Renowned WordPress Influencers

The endorsement of Prime Slider Pro by renowned WordPress influencers and channels such as WPTuts, ThemesCode, and Brainstorm Force further validates its popularity within the WordPress community.

Addressing Common Issues

BDThemes has been proactive in addressing common issues and queries related to Prime Slider Pro. Their support for prior issues such as Elementor editor loading problems they are committed to user satisfaction.

Prime Slider Pro Pricing

Prime Slider Pro: Elegant WordPress Slideshows Made Easy 13

Prime Slider Pro offers competitive pricing options, making it accessible for individual site owners as well as larger businesses or agencies.

The Personal Package – $29.99 per year.

This is an ideal choice for individuals managing a single website. It includes the Rooten Theme and a suite of over 55 dynamic widgets that are continuously updated and expanded.

Key features include Live Copy Paste, Wooexpand, Reveal Effect Slider, CrossRoad Animation Slider, and various others like the Astoria Extensive Background, Vertex Line Carousel, and Mercury Blogging Slider. Subscribers also benefit from Remote Thumbs, a Custom Slider, and one year of support and updates.

The Business Package – $59.99 per year.

This package caters to small businesses. It includes all features of the Personal Package for up to 5 websites.

The Developer Package – $199.99 per year.

Perfect for professional developers with more than five sites, this package includes unlimited website usage, with white-label branding that allows for more customized and brand-focused presentations.

Try Before You Buy: Prime Slider Pro Free Version

For those who wish to test the waters before committing to a purchase, Prime Slider Pro offers a free version. This version includes a selection of the plugin’s core features, allowing users to experience firsthand the impact Prime Slider Pro can have on their website design.

All pro packages include a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Final Thoughts: Why Prime Slider Pro is a Worthy Investment

Prime Slider Pro stands out as a highly versatile and user-friendly plugin that significantly enhances the web design experience for WordPress users of varying experience levels and needs. Its diverse range of widgets, ease of use, and seamless integration with WooCommerce make it an ideal choice for a variety of use cases.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert web designer, Prime Slider Pro offers the tools and flexibility to create professional, responsive, and visually appealing websites that engage users. Plus, affordable pricing, strong customer support, and continuous updates make it a wise investment for anyone looking to elevate their web design game on WordPress.

The free version serves as an excellent starting point, while the paid version offers a host of additional widgets and extra capabilities for those looking to fully harness the power of Prime Slider Pro.

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