5 Privacy Friendly Analytics WordPress Plugins

5 Privacy Friendly Analytics WordPress Plugins

Google Analytics is one of the favorite tools of every webmaster. While it has a lot of powerful features, it may not be the right choice for those want maximum level of privacy. Here are 5 privacy friendly analytics plugins you don’t want to miss:

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Burst Statics: this analytics plugin stores all your data on your own server. It shows your pageviews, visitors, sessions, time on page, and referrers. It lets you track custom goals. The pro version offers geo tracking, data archiving, and a lot more.

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Active Analytics: a privacy enhanced plugin with a lightweight code. It is very user friendly and doesn’t have a steep learning curve. It lets you easily track hits, IPs, user agents, and other relevant info.

5 Privacy Friendly Analytics WordPress Plugins 2

Independent Analytics: a GDPR-friendly alternative to Google Analytics that shows your list of top traffic sources and popular posts and pages. It also helps you better understand your visitors and their preferences.

5 Privacy Friendly Analytics WordPress Plugins 3

Koko: another privacy friendly analytics plugin that keeps all the data on your server. It has an option not to use any cookies. It adds less than 950 bytes of data to your pages. This plugin is open sourced.

5 Privacy Friendly Analytics WordPress Plugins 4

Plausible: this analytics plugin doesn’t use cookies and is compliant with GDPR, CCPA and PECR. You can use it to track goal conversions and campaigns. You can also easily share your dashboard with others. This is an open source plugin.

Have you found other private analytics plugins for WordPress? Please share them here.

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