Purna Virji will inspire you to build your brand on LinkedIn in the Yoast SEO podcast

Purna Virji will inspire you to build your brand on LinkedIn in the Yoast SEO podcast • Yoast

Joost de Valk

Founder & Chief Product Officer

Purna Virji

Senior Content Solutions Evangelist at LinkedIn

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In this episode

Great engagement and strong brand recognition sometimes look like to be reserved for the big names on this planet. In this podcast, Purna Virji (Senior Content Solutions Evangelist at LinkedIn) will prove the opposite by providing you with helpful insights and practical tips for building a strong brand on LinkedIn.

From journalism and PR via SEO at AOL to SEA at Microsoft and currently working at social media platform LinkedIn, Purna has seen a lot of aspects of online marketing in her career so far. Let her experience be your guide towards reaching your branding and engagement goals. Purna will tell you how to combine the best of these worlds. Think of improving your organic traffic by running SEA experiments. Or creating brand awareness by leveraging your key employees’ personal LinkedIn profiles. Sounds crazy? Purna will help you understand by providing practical advice and inspirational examples.

These topics will be covered in this episode:

  • How SEA results can help to improve your SEO
  • Identifying your white space as a company
  • The value of key employees on LinkedIn
  • How to grow engagement 
  • LinkedIn advertising
  • Other forms of content on LinkedIn to start using

Transcript of this episode

Joost: Hey everyone, welcome back to the Yoast SEO podcast! Where we talk to my friends and people from the SEO industry and other industries around it, to see what they have to say and what we can learn from them. Today we brought a long-time industry friend Purna Virji. I’m usually relatively good with names, but this name I never get truly right. She works for LinkedIn now, but she has a long history. So welcome and thank you for being here Purna!

Purna: Hi, thank you for having me Joost. It’s very exciting to be here.

Joost: Very good. As I said, you have a long history in the industry. Can you take us along a bit in what you’ve done in the search industry over the years? 

Purna: Yes, absolutely. I’ve been here like almost two decades at this point. Started off as a journalist for Virgin TV and then made the move over to a PR agency. Which was sort of okay. I quickly realized that traditional PR is not that exciting for me. Luckily my best friend in London was working for AOL at the time and they were super huge. She was telling me about this thing called SEO. Long story short: I created a sort of business plan and went to my CEO at the time, telling him we should do this thing called SEO and we should do this thing called AdWords. 




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