PWF Review: Create SEOFriendly WooCommerce Product Filters

PWF Review: Create SEO-Friendly WooCommerce Product Filters

If your WooCommerce store has a lot of products, adding product filters can be a great way to help shoppers find the products that are most relevant to them.

While WooCommerce does include some basic built-in filter functionality for prices and other details, a dedicated WooCommerce product filter plugin will let you add more useful product filters and create a better interface (such as setting up a WooCommerce Ajax product filter).

PWF is a freemium WooCommerce product filter plugin that lets you create filters for any product details, from price to rating, taxonomies, attributes, and more. It also includes other helpful features such as Ajax filter results and clean, SEO-friendly filter URLs with dynamic SEO metadata (which can help you rank for relevant long-tail queries).

Additionally, while the plugin does focus primarily on WooCommerce product filters, you can also use it to create filters for other post types.

In our hands-on PWF review, we’ll share more about the features in this WooCommerce product filter plugin and also give you a detailed look at what it’s like to configure and use on your store.

PWF Review: What Does the Plugin Do?

In general, the high-level benefit of PWF is that it lets you create frontend filters that your visitors can use to more easily discover relevant WooCommerce products (or other types of content).

Here’s an example of the types of filters that you can create with PWF:

Vertical product filters

To remove friction, the plugin lets you use Ajax to apply filters without reloading the page (you can also disable the Ajax filters if you don’t like this approach).

Beyond applying the filters with Ajax, you can also use Ajax pagination if desired. In total, you get three options to handle pagination:

  • Ajax load more
  • Infinite scroll
  • Standard pagination (clickable page numbers)

Beyond the “normal” vertical filter layout, PWF also lets you use a horizontal layout that appears above the product list.

Horizonal product filters

Let’s go through some other feature specifics to help you understand the plugin…




This article was written by Colin Newcomer and originally published on WP Mayor.

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