10 Real One Page Website Examples to Inspire Your Own Design

10 Real One Page Website Examples to Inspire Your Own Design

Sometimes, one page is all you need to promote your business. A large or complex website may be unnecessary, especially if you run a startup or offer a single service or product. Some one page website examples can show you how to implement a more streamlined approach.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of visually appealing and effective single-page websites you can learn from. By reviewing these real-life examples, you’ll be better prepared to design a site that effectively communicates all the most important information in one place.

First, we’ll discuss some scenarios when it makes sense to use a single-page site. Then we’ll look at those high-quality one page website examples. Let’s dive right in!

When to use a one page website

A single-page website is a site that contains all the most important details and content in one place. It may include elements such as company information, testimonials, product and pricing details, and a contact form.

While they may seem limited, one page websites are used by a variety of businesses, including restaurants and cafes, software developers, small agencies, and more. They can also be effective in promoting awareness campaigns and events.

Let’s look at some other scenarios when you might use a one page website:

  • You’re an artist or freelance professional and want to display all of your work and information on a single page. 🎨
  • You just want a simple site for your physical store or outlet. 🛍️
  • You have a single product or service to sell. 🛒

As long as it’s neatly organized, a one page website can make it easier for users to find what they’re looking for quickly. For example, if you have a restaurant site, they won’t have to click through various pages to find your menu and make a reservation. They can simply complete these actions in one place.

Ten real-life one page website examples

Now, let’s look at some one page website examples. We’ll discuss their key features and what you can learn from them.

📚 Table of contents:

1. Roma

Roma is a one page website that raises awareness about the exploitation of domestic workers. When you land on the site, you’re greeted with a full-width image and a bold statement:

This above-the-fold content also contains three important links: one that brings you to the “Take Action” section on the page, an external link to the Roma documentary on Netflix, and an anchor link to the next section. This means you can navigate to the most important content right from the header.

If you keep scrolling down, you’ll get tidbits of information about domestic workers in the United States, including statistics and quotes:



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