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Looking for Angular templates for your next project? We have selected the best examples out there to help choose the right Angular template for you.

The World Wide Web has certainly evolved beyond recognition from the remote days of militaries and ARPANet. The modern internet is a veritable cornucopia is diverse and often mismatched protocols, standards, policies and languages that are hastily patched together well enough to continue to work up until the next iteration, revamp or introduction of a new standard, technology or form of media, when websites inevitably break once more and require further and further patching. Not all horses run as far, and not all technological foundations are built to last. Examples like the once-reigning Flash abound online, where both public and developer sentiments can be fickle, swift and unpredictable.

There is definitely a payoff in carefully selecting the technological frameworks upon which your projects and websites will be developed. The most durable ones will see you through the decades. Keeping such notions in mind, Google has championed the development of a powerful JavaScript library-based software application development framework called Angular. Angular is an outstanding solution for a multitude of usage necessities and is fully capable of integrating with other libraries and components to form a full process stack. Angular is simple, easy to learn, expansive in its reach and limitless in a technical capacity, with broad room for growth. Get on board Angular today!

Are you building something extraordinary? A web application that will do remarkable things for users? However, you still need to sort out your admin dashboard but do not know where to start? It is easy, go with ArchitectUI AngularJS website template and all the struggle instantly vanishes. What also happens instantly is your admin. Kinda. You still need to invest some time into it and the necessary skill is needed but other than that, ArchitectUI has the majority ready for you.

ArchitectUI comes with five beautiful demos of which each delivers its own unique approach to the web design. On top of that, in the ArchitectUI bundle, you also find a stunning front-end landing page for, let’s say, an agency. There is more in the kit than you thought, I know.


Monarch is a clean and minimal Angular based admin dashboard template. It is the most popular template on this list thanks to its clean UI, the outstanding number of widgets, modules and unmatched flexibility. This is the only Angular admin template you will ever need because its undergoes continues development and gets better and better. Making it part of your SaaS, web application database platform, admin or user dashboard will be easier than you might think thanks to its detailed documentation.

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